June 09, 2013


Its almost that time of year, where the sun finally shows its face, whether that is for a few months or a few hours, any bit of sun always brightens our day. We thought we would put together a few of our beauty tips and must-haves to get our bodies back into summer action! Jess has luckily got a few holidays already booked up and Becki is stuck in London for the Summer months as it is the busiest period for us at work- Yippee so both of us have different priorities when it comes to our beauty needs.

Becki: I always love London in the summer, even though I have to work almost every hour of every day, London is diverse with plenty of exciting things to keep you occupied. I always make some time to go to any London Music festivals with Lovebox being my ultimate favourite and I love relaxing in the park with Jess and little Arnie.

Jess: It has to be said that when the sunshine is out us Londoners turn into completely different breed, everyone is happy, smiling and in desperate need of a cheeky BBQ. On weekends there is a great buzz around town with different free events on Southbank as well as amazing music festivals and roof top parties where Pimms a-clock is hourly whoop whoop!

|| BEAUTY MUST HAVE: A descent razor! We don't like hairy legs ladies or worse hairy arm pits so we always buy a moisturising razor like the New Olay & Venus collaboration razor from Gillette, that is a quick, no fuss investment if your a busy lady, that barely has time to brush your hair let alone shave.

|| DON'T GO WITHOUT: Drink, drink, drink - water that is!... It is so important that you keep hydrated in the heat, we pinky promise if you keep up with drinking water throughout the day, you will look and feel so much better! Water not only has short term benefits but also amazing long term benefits so KEEP IT UP! We always make sure we either have a few water bottles at work or in our handbag, so there is no excuse to go without. I know some people really hate water as it is 'boring' so try popping a slice or two of fresh lemon to your bottle to add some zing :o)

|| FRESH FACED AND SIMPLE: Get your hands on either a light BB cream or tinted moisturiser (including SPF or apply your SPF protection before hand) then add a light dusting of powder to save your foundation from slipping in the heat! Eye make up; keep it simple and natural, as Jess suffers with bad hay fever and well, Becki is just lazy so we like to wear just a flick of mascara, a line of liquid liner following the top lash line accompanied with a natural eyeshadow shade. Our favourite powder for the summer is Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder .

|| PROTECT YOUR SKIN: We always keep a travel size sun tan lotion with at least an SPF 20 just to make sure we can top up our sun protection during the course of the day. Remember even when it is over cast and cloudy outside you are still exposed to the sun so keep topping up. Our favourite SPF is Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration as its light on the skin and has the perfect summer scent.

|| DEO NOT BO: Grab yourself a mini / travel size deodorant perfect for your handbag. We love the new 'compressed' deodorants which are half the size but still lasts as long as a larger sized bottle. They are dinky and perfect for when your on the go.

|| FAKE IT: If your worried about not getting that summer glow opt for a gradual tanning moisturiser. Gradual being the main word there - not tangoed just a light healthy glow :o) We love Palmer's Natural Bronze body lotion as it doesn't smell like burnt biscuit but instead smells of Cocoa Butter! Hmm heaven!

Hugs & Kisses
Becki & Jess


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