June 11, 2013


Oh where do I start. Hello beautiful lipstick. You have made my life complete! Meet Mac's Lady Danger. So, you must know by now ladies, that we love a POP- lip over at Life Looks Perfect HQ! Come rain or shine, a pop lip always makes you feel glam and sexy! This little beaut from Mac entered my life on recommendation from probably the best two ladies in the business the Pixiwoo sisters.

I have added in a Youtube video below if you haven't heard of them, with a tutorial of the perfect look for this summer! The best advice I can say is subscribe to their channel! They can help you with so many different make up looks and help you with any make up questions.

Back to this fab Pop lip. The shade is a bright but warm orangey red tone, which is the perfect 1940's pin up girl look! As I love vintage clothes and slightly wish I was born in another era, I adore this shade and this summer I will be rocking it in the sun. Nic from Pixiwoo, instantly recommended this lip shade for me as she thought it would be a perfect colour on my lips to compliment my paler complexion and dark eyes.

This lipstick is actually a matte finish but in comparison to Mac's Ruby Woo, which is my other must have vintage lip, Lady Danger seems more moisturising. I tend to apply a few layers during the day, as after a while the lipstick will tend to dry but nothing a lip balm or lip scrub before applying can't fix. I would recommend using a lip liner too before applying Lady Danger, as if you are like me, I always go over my lip line without one.

Did I mention that I adore this shade! When I wear this shade, it brings colour to what ever I am wearing, I feel more confident and certainly rather sexy hehe! I would definitely recommend this shade to you ladies, if you love an orange tone lip colour and don't mind your lips stealing the show!

Mac Lady Danger. 3g. £14.00
Hugs & Kisses



  1. Such a beautiful shade - looks amazing on you!

    Megan xxx

    1. Thank you! It sure is a POP LIP! love it! xox

  2. I just bought So Chaud which is an orange matte shade but I think I should have got a true red! This is GORGEOUS.

    http://becoming-beauty.blogspot.com/ xx

    1. Oh I was torn between that one when I saw it in the mac store! But i had to trust nic from Pixiwoo's recommendation hehe! Becki xox


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