June 19, 2013


Jess: A random meeting with Becki at work definitely called for a sneaky sister style - but I promise it isn't a regular thing for us to be hanging around business parks :o) The outfit above was a really quick throw together, but with such a stand out and statement pair of trousers I kept the rest of my outfit very plain by wearing all black including accessories.

I normally wouldn't be able to justify spending £25 on a vest top, but this strap top from Zara is just perfect for me, due to training so much in the gym etc sometimes vest tops / strap tops can make me look really broad and butch but the way the Zara top hangs I think is really nice for my body shape as it isn't too tight, but then also isn't too loose where I can show any shape!

I absolutely love these trousers there were an amazing buy and a key piece to my summer wardrobe from Topshop, they are super light weight, an almost chiffon material, with a fantastic Aztec print. Having a high waist and flared bottoms, for someone semi short like me, helps to give the impression of never ending legs woohoo, it's all about the illusion baby!

Becki: A regular day at work posing in the back yard! Only joking! For me, I never look this glam on a daily basis. Who ever said that floristry is a glamorous job, they need to come and work a day with me! I have hands that look 10 years older than my age and back pains of a pensioner. Sorry for the rant hehe. So here was my very random day at work, where I actually looked half descent!

I was surprised by Jess, with a little visit and a little visitor Arnie! It was such a warm day, so I wore a light pair of floral neon trousers from River Island in the sale, which were such a bargain, as I think everyone probably thought who the hell would wear those! I am that girl! I am always attracted to the random, usually quite outrageous clothes on the sale rail. I think these trousers were like £6! Matched with plain black flats and a plain Tee from Primark, these are trousers are definitely an eye-catching statement piece.

As it was warm in the sun but chilly in the shade, I like to wear my light leather jacket from ASOS that I bought last year in the sale, which once again I think was one of those statement pieces that everyone would look pass online. It has the most amazing red stitching on the back. With a signature Pop lip from my new Mac favourite Lady Danger to match and a pair of sunnies...I say bring on the Summer!


Sunglasses - ASOS £10, Handbag - Primark £8, Vest top - Zara £25, Trousers - Topshop £45


 Sunglasses - TkMaxx Christian Lacroix £25, Jacket - ASOS £50 (sale), Shoes - Primark £4, Trousers - River Island £6 (sale), Hat - TkMaxx £10 & Mac Lady Danger.

Hugs & Kisses
Becki & Jess



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