July 29, 2013


Happy night sleep everyone! If you aren't a regular reader of Life Looks Perfect, you might not know that I suffer with severe anxiety. Only fully sharing with my family, boyfriend and you guys a few months ago, I have been doing my best to fight it.

Some people can't do this, I know, it isn't easy but I made a decision that I can't live my life tucked away at home, in my 'safe place'. I am missing the world! So I have decided that I CAN do things and the worst won't happen, if I am uncomfortable I can leave where ever I am. This new attitude or new way of thinking has allowed me to do some really exciting things and i really feel that being a beauty blogger has helped me through this.

Just realised, that was one looooong introduction, so  I am very sorry if you came to read this post just about This Works Deep Sleep range, I am getting there slowly but surely hehe. If you read my first Beauty Event post, you would have seen that I managed to go to two blogger events, talk to people, meet pr and have a fantastic time! This is a HUGE step for me and I couldn't be more prouder. Read my latest post HERE.

So to why this relates to This Works? This Works, has been a brand that I have always been interested in as I love the simplicity of their products but also the fact they have created the most incredible sleep range, that I don't think has been beaten by any other brands. For me the ingredients and scents of This Works Deep Sleep range help me bring a sense of calm and somehow manage my anxiety. Whether it is just in my head, I am no doctor but as a coping mechanism it works...This Works haha. (Sorry for that, so cheesy and absolutely terrible!)

Meet a great duo that I keep one at home by my bed and one in my bag for on the go. This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray is literally what it says on the tin. With this spray you just spritz as much as you need onto your pillow before going to sleep and inhale and relax scents of Lavender, Patchouli, Vetiver and Chamomile, which will help you drift off into the deepest sleep. I have read lots of blogger reviews on this product and I have never read any bad ones, so it definitely has the beauty blogger seal of approval! Mainly for me, I love the scent and the whole ritual of spraying it onto my bed before sleeping.

This Works Sleep Balm is packaged in a lovely small round pot, that is filled with a beautiful scented Lavender and Coconut Oil balm, which you massage onto your pulse points to bring a sense of calm. I keep this with me on the go, so if I start to feel a little anxious, I can take five and massage it onto my pulse points and breathe deeply. I feel calm and focused, to get me through a bad moment.

I really can't praise This Works enough! I really can't wait to try a few more bits from their skincare and bath ranges! What is your favourite This Works products?

This Works Deep Sleep Night Time Duo Sleep Balm 10ml & Deep Sleep Pillow Spray 75ml £22

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  1. I need all of these products right now xx


  2. Great post! xx

  3. I love having a nice relaxing bath with a bath bomb and light some candles! getsleepspray.com


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