July 23, 2013


Another fabulous beauty event! I was so lucky to be able to pop upstairs when I was at the Gosh Cosmetics event at the Sanderson Hotel, on my lonesome, one floor up was an Avon bloggers launch party. So without waffling on about the Pixiwoo sister's just yet let me introduce the brand new Avon True Colour make-up Collection. 

As you may have noticed, at the launch, I was rather distracted by some beautiful lip colours! Avon have created some real showstopping colours, which have been formulated with their new True Colour Technology. With this new technology, which in a nut shell, is a new translucent base formula, which ensures that the colour of each product is what you see is the colour you get ladies! With this, Avon have managed to create a fab, vivid and long lasting make up range, with 60 lip colours and 17 eye palettes! Spoilt for choice!

A few of my favourite picks, which I have now split with Jess to try out, we both instantly fell in love with Avon's Ultra Colour Lip Crayons. Available in 6 shades, you can see 3 above, these are a rich, creamy chubby sticks that have the most incredible colour pigment. I of course picked the brightest Pop lip shades; Showstopper Pink and Carefree Coral! Priced at £7.50, these colours and the Vitamin E and Shea butter formula leaves a silky and lasting finish.

Now, as I have kindly mentioned at the top of this post, little old me, was all alone at this event, without my wing man Miss Jessica Dunn, so I was honesty- nervous! As soon as I walked into the room apart from spotting so many of my favourite bloggers *girl crush, runs and hides* I actually spotted the Pixiwoo sisters aka Sam and Nic. If you hadn't read our last post HERE, when we had the chance to meet the ladies at Liberty's Beauty Week, I had to go up and say hello at this event! It would be rude not too. Luckily Nic had just finished a tutorial style make up session so I quickly braved it and said the awkward "Do you remember me?". Thank goodness she said yes! 

As you may have read, in our interview with the Pixiwoo sisters, my biggest flaw, when it comes to make up is the smokey eye! When I brought this up in conversation to Nic at this Avon event, she was quick to say "I'll teach you now!". Nervous... oh yes! I was so hot and flustered but how could I refuse, I love these ladies! After 10minutes, I had a fabulous smokey eye look and had learnt all I needed to know from Nic herself. Thank you Nic! 

**Photo credits go to Sam on these two pictures, I feel kinda bad that I didn't get a picture with both fabulous sisters! Maybe next time, when we can be sister duo's.

I had such a fab time at the Avon event and seeing the beautiful and very talented Pixiwoo sister's was an absolute pleasure!

The Avon True Colour Collection can be purchased online or through an Independent Avon Representative from August 2013.

Hugs & Kisses



  1. Oh that looks like a brilliant event, you're so lucky! :) x

    1. Thank you! It was a fab event- i only managed to attend as the event I was attending was the floor below hehe and they invited us all up to the avon event too

      Very lucky!

      Becki xox

  2. I have one bright red Avon lipstick and the formula is incredible, definitely tempted by these new things :)


    1. There blooming brillant! Love the new true colour range! Which shade have you tried?

      Becki xox


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