July 21, 2013


Hello lovely readers! If you are a new reader, welcome to our original beauty and fashion series, that started over 4 months ago now! How time flies. Our original series "Inside My Draws" keeps all you Nosey Parker's satisfied by opening our beauty stash, make up, wardrobe all for you to see! As our lovely readers seemed to love this post, we opened the series up to our readers to return the favour by 'revealing' their beauty draws. (Yes we are the biggest nosey Parker's of them all!)

After a short break, we are back with a new selection of fabulous bloggers and we will be sharing our new beauty areas, now Jess is back living in the family home. We have had the opportunity to collaborate with six fantastic bloggers earlier on in the year that have already created their own take on our 'Inside my Draws' series, which we couldn't resist to link their fab posts below...

The series, in fact began by us two sharing our beauty draws, food cupboards and bathroom cupboards, where we saw that our readers loved getting to see, that your not the only one with a HUGE beauty stash!

Here are a few of our own Inside My Draws Posts if you fancy a read or just can't help having a nose!

Now we are looking for new ladies or gents to join in the collaboration and keep this fantastic series going! You know you want too! This series is a completely open invitation, we are open for new takes on the series and all bloggers are welcome. Of course if you are not a beauty/fashion blogger we still would love for you to get involved too, just like textile designer Jennifer Lee did.

For the post all you would need is pictures of an area I'm your room, inside draws, a wardrobe, or your bathroom that holds all your beauty, make up or clothes that you would like to share, in it's exact state that you see it everyday. There is no need to write much with the post, as the pictures do all the revealing but we do ask just to write a little bit about yourself :)

If you like reading these posts why don't you get involved! We don't bite so drop us an email.

Get in touch and don't be shy we would love to hear from you :) Email us at lifelooksperfect@gmail.com or give us a comment below.

Hugs & Kisses
Becki & Jess


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