July 19, 2013


 Being the biggest fan of ANTM (America's Next Top Model) there was no way I could go to New York or America for that matter and not come back with a cheeky 'Easy, breezy, Covergirl' product woohoo!

We've had; nail art, nail gems, neon nails, textured nails...the list is endless, it's official that nail polish has gone cray cray! In the last year across the board, nail polishes have been infused with the most amazing and innovative ideas to juice up our nail box at home; concrete nails, glittery nails, matte nails, metallic nails...you name it, they've done it. So for summer 2013 I am quite pleased to see that the beautiful, chic and timeless nude nail is back and bang on trend.

For my cover girl impulse buy, I purchased their 'Stay Brilliant  Outlast' nail polish. Being a lighter shade than my skin tone, pale nails really extenuate your fingers and I think actually make your nails look longer but that may just be me :o)

Application is really easy with this nail polish, mess free and took no time at all. The nail polish dried pretty quickly actually so over all I was very impressed. To be honest, as much as I love having crazy. stand out nails, I really believe you can't go wrong with a classic nude. It's sexy, classy and even though it is very soft and subtle it still makes a fab impact! I'm afraid I can't quite remember the price of this nail varnish as the whole dollar to pound thing still gets me a tad confused but I remember it being really affordable!

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