July 15, 2013


 Brushes, brushes, brushes... I just can't get enough of them at the moment. Around Christmas time I bought both Becki and I a 30 piece make up brush set online, with a reduced price this seemed like a great little bargain but when they arrived and I started to use them, I was literally being attacked by the bristles! From now on I am completely 100% taking my Mummy Bears advice 'if something seems too good to be true, it usually is!'

Since then I have been on the prowl to purchase some lovely new makeup brushes, Becki having already reviewed the amazing Real Techniques brushes (review HERE) and Liz Earle brushes (review HERE) I thought I would check out and see what else is on the market at an affordable and reasonable price.

And here they are the raver of all make up brushes! A fantastic purchase from Boots, Models Own Powder Brush. Just so there is no confusion, these were both sold separately and retailed around £11 each.

I don't think it is hard to believe the reason why these brushes as they stood out on the shelf. It was purely due to their amazing stand out colour why I picked them up. Bright, bright neon orange whoop whoop! They are like little glow sticks! I have absolutely fallen in love with them. They are so soft and smooth when applying a product to the skin and unlike my awful previous purchases they haven't shed any bristles woohoo!

As I bought two of the powder brushes, I use one for blusher and the other for applying bronzer. Rather than purchasing the blusher angled brush, I prefer the cylindrical shape when using a blusher, as I find it gives a natural look, rather than an unnatural 'stripe' effect which you may get with some brushes. I also find the shape of these brushes makes it very easy to blend your makeup, especially when contouring the face.

The brush is a nice size and weight, so it feels sturdy when I'm applying makeup. I can't even explain how lovely and soft the bristles are, honestly they are silky soft and don't irritate the skin at all. They seem to pick up the perfect amount of product too.

The only downside I can think of is that the orange tipped bristles can make it hard to see how much product you have on the brush but as I said before it never seems to pick up too much anyway.

Welcome to brush heaven!

Models own powder brush - £11 per brush

Hugs & Kisses



  1. I'm always in dyer need of some good brushes! I think it's so important for them to be good quality! There's nothing worse than horrible brushes that don't apply makeup properly and irritate your face! I'll have to check these out! Thank you :)

    Rosie xxx

    1. We defo recommend these brushes! They are lovely! Jess xox

  2. I love this brush despite the hell I've put it through! Next time I purchase any brushes though I think they'll definitely have to be of the bamboo kind

    1. Hehe at least they last well :) Thanks for reading Jess xox


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