July 17, 2013


Where, Oh where would I be without this little slice of heaven Melvita Damask Rose Floral Water c/o...well, I will tell you! One giant melted lump on my bedroom floor. If you hadn't noticed, the UK is having a heatwave or what most of the world would just call Summer. For me, I can NOT handle heat. On holiday, I hide away in the shade or in the nearest air conditioned bar! So London is a nightmare for me. 

Luckily I have been working all the time, so I get to stay cool for most of the day but the night, well it's been torture. In order to keep things calm, cool and COOL, my bedtime routine has consisted of continually drinking cold water, keeping clothes to a minimum and using this fantastic Melvita Damask Rose Floral Water to spray on my face and body, when I get a tad overheated.  And I absolutely love it! 

When I received this a few months ago now, I really, almost had no use for it. It was cold, wet and there was no hope that Summer would ever show it's face. So why would I possibly need to use a beautiful and delicately scented floral water. OK, well now I know! I can't explain how incredible this product is! Apart from, like I mentioned, it's gorgeous delicate rose fragrance, the spray is light and mists softly onto your skin like a floating cloud. (Literally using this product as I type *sweating in 27 degree heat!)

Melvita Damask Rose Water isn't drying like most mineral water sprays are, on the market. This is completely the opposite. Melvita's Floral Water is moisturising and soothing. With lots of different uses, this product isn't just used for keeping cool, in this awful heat but can help to set make up, tone your skin and is alcohol free. This particular water; Damask Rose, also plumps, regenerates, firms and helps put back moisture into the skin. Heaven!

With 5 other fragrances to choose from, each with their own and specialised soothing properties, there will certainly be one fragrance that you fall in love with. Available in Orange Blossom, Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Witch Hazel & Field Cornflower from a starting price of £14.50 for 200ml...take your pick Ladies and Gents.

Melvita Floral waters are available to buy online now, in the older packaging but these new 100% eco-friendly and recyclable bottles, with a finer mist spray are available from August 2013.

 Melvita Damask Rose Floral Water £16 200ml c/o

Hugs & Kisses



  1. I will shock you now and say i havent used this yet but lusting after it. Sounds perfect every time i read about it.

    1. oh its ok we hadn't tried it before or even heard of melvita! Defo get a sample of it as its fab!

      Becki xox


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