August 04, 2013


 Another month, another stash of empties cluttering up my beauty cupboards! This month, Jess and I are still on a mission to finish up full products before buying replacements. I have also been trying to use some samples that I have in my beauty draws as honestly I have so many to try, I need to start somewhere!

Caudalie Vinosource S.O.S Thirst Quenching Serum 30ml £29.00 c/o
I love this product! This serum is light, softening and hydrating. The watery texture of this serum, absorbs into the skin easily and doesn't leave that horrible sticky feeling, which you can get from some gel based formula's. I must admit, I am very sad to see this one empty! Read my full review HERE.

Ren Hydra-Calm Cleansing Milk 9ml sample c/o
Oh boy, I want this product in my life forever! I am always trying lots of different cleansers out there and as soon as I tried this Ren Milk Cleanser, I knew I loved it straight away. With a softening formula for sensitive skin, my skin never felt so hydrated and clean! Another product that I am so sad to have finished! It is now on my wish list- I love it! Read my full review HERE.

Lancome Hydra Zen Moisturiser (Sample) c/o
I loved using this moisturiser. I only tried a descent size sample, which I used as a night-time face moisturiser and it lasted me for about two weeks, which was great! The cream  has is a luxurious yummy texture, which just melts into the skin when applied. I preferred to use this cream as a night time treat, as it is a little heavy for a day time moisturiser. I would definitely consider buying a full size product of this fab cream!

Radox Muscle Soak 500ml £1
I need as much R&R after work as I can these days, due to busy days and long hours my body takes a beating. Nothing beats a simple bath filled with Radox Muscle Soak, leaved your body feeling calm and relaxed before bedies.

English Floral Garden Lavender Bath Cream £2.99
Along with Rose, another favourite classic fragrance of mine is Lavender. Due to it's calming qualities, this Lavender bath cream is perfect for a relaxing bath before bed.

Dove Beauty Finish Deodorant 250ml £3.69
My must-have basic, has to be Dove. I have tried countless deodorants that claim the world when it comes to keeping your pits in tip top shape. But nothing ever works for me better that good old Dove. I always like this Beauty Finish scent, as it smells fresh like a bundle of daisy's. This deodorant, also is available in a compressed can too, which is great for your handbag!

Herbal Essence 'Ignite my Colour' Shampoo 400ml & Conditioner 400ml £1.49
I usually don't spend an awful lot on hair products, as me and my family all share and they get used up so quickly! We usually go for Herbal Essence, as their products have a great smell (sorry dad for the very girly scent!) lather up well and leave your hair feeling silky smooth. For me and my whole household, we all have coloured hair, so it is important to try and keep the colour from fading. We all agreed that Ignite my colour did just that!

Caudalie Divine Oil 5ml (Sample) c/o
Just a few words for this one... Buy it! It's Divine! Read my full review HERE.

Pond's Hydro nourishing Cream £4.49 50ml
A simple and reliable face moisturiser that is inexpensive and hydrating. With no fancy ingredients or tricks, this moisturiser is soothing and softening, perfect for a light day cream to set your skin up for the day ahead. Read my full review HERE.

English Floral Garden Rose Shower Cream £1
A perfectly scented shower cream, that left my skin soft and supple. For a bargain price, I knew I should have bought more when they were on offer. It lathers up with lots of bubbles, which clean your skin and leaves you smelling of sweet roses. I do have a bit of a thing for rose scented products. Read my full review HERE.

The Body Shop Wild Rose Hand Cream SPF 15 30ml £5.00
Another Rose product (big surprise there hehe). This hand cream smells heavenly, like a huge bunch of roses, which I then smother all over my hands to soak. It didn't necessarily heal my hands, as they are very damaged from work but it certainly helped. Read my full review HERE.

Lush Cosmetics Blackberry bath bomb £2.95
A Lush bath bomb is a little luxury, if I fancy a long soak in the bath, with me, myself and I. I liked this one in particular as it made my bath water a pretty purple shade with a lovely relaxing fragrance. I always like to keep a Lush bomb in my draws for those special me time occasions :) Read my full review HERE.

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  1. Lots of beauty empties! I love Dove deodorant and I've recently ran out of mine too.


    1. Hehe! I try to save them all! And i do get through alot :) *beauty addict* can't live without my Dove deo :)

      Becki xox

  2. This looks so like the contents of my cupboards! Love the empties posts :)


    1. Thanks lovely! Hehe well I do use alot of products! I really try to use up each product fully as i hate wasting :)

      Becki xox


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