August 06, 2013


Over here on Life Looks Perfect, us two sisters love nothing more than a beauty evening testing and trying out new products. We were luck enough to have met the Pixiwoo sisters a few months ago now and Liberty's were so kind and gave both of us a jam packed goody bag. This sample of Eve Lom's Rescue Mask was one of the goodies.

I have already tested the water with beauty brand Eve Lom with her much loved Cleansing Balm, so as soon as I saw this sample in the beauty bag, I was keen to try it out. This mask is a deep-cleansing treatment that aims to help de-congest and brighten your skin, which I look for in a face mask. With it's key ingredient being Kaolin, a natural clay that helps to absorb excess oil in your skin and Camphor that can help de-congest the skin along with soothing ingredients such as almond extract and honey, this mask seems to tick all the boxes for me.

As I have have a real problem with spots over the past week, I think I am probably not getting enough sleep and eating badly, face masks have become a bit of a much needed quick fix. I must say that I was really surprised at the immediate affects of this mask. My skin felt instantly refreshed, clean and soft, almost like a had  a new face! I can't say it has however in the mean time, prevented spots from popping up (if there is some miracle fix please let me know!) but I haven't had any further break outs after using this mask.

As this was only a sample size I probably will only be able to get about 3 masks out of this pot but did really enjoy using it. As it has suddenly risen in temperature in London again, this mask also really helps cool down your skin, if you get flustered like me, which then followed by a cold shower keeps me calm and less agitated before bed.

Eve Lom Rescue Mask 50ml £35.00 (sample size 15ml) c/o

Hugs & Kisses
Becki & Jess



  1. Love Eve-lom products, this looks great.


    1. Love this mask! Really cooling & relaxing! Great on problem prone skin!

      Becki xox


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