August 18, 2013


Who doesn't love a new nail innovation! Well we certainly do, so as soon as we saw Barry M's New nail art pens, we had to have one. Launching earlier in the year, we are a bit late on the nail trend waggon but hey ho, we gave them a go... (yes that rhymed!)

Barry M have brought out a range of fab colours (Black, Pink, White and Pink), we opted for the black as it would stand out on our favourite nail bases and is a practical shade. The nail pen, is literally like a pen, it applies evenly with no blobs or splodge's.

To get the pen started all you have to do is press it down on a hard surface and the black liquid starts to show at the tip. The nail pen doesn't seem to use actual nail varnish, but a thinner sturdy liquid that dries after about a minute or two. The pen doesn't need to be squeezed when you use it, as the liquid constantly flows through the nib, which allows you to draw away with no fuss. The liquid does flow pretty well but on some areas on your nail, you might need to go over with a second coat, if the line runs a little thin. Otherwise be as wild as you like!

Now to the reality! Well, let us just tell you that this image below, literally was Becki's first attempt at messing around with the pen and YES it was hard! Don't even ask to see the right hand because it was awful!

We are both right handed and writing with our left hand is non-existent in the real world, so when it came to decorating both hands, we discovered a slight problem! If you have a steady hand, we are sure you could create the most incredible designs and patterns but we would love to see you attempt them on your right hand! Ours sucked!

We are being very honest here ladies, as we want to share the truth on Life Looks Perfect but if you don't have hours to spend on your nails or a sister to help you out- it is tricky. Attempting to draw with our left hand onto our right was like teaching a toddler to write! Actually a toddler might be better. As you can see, Becki just doodled a little on her nail to test out the pen and we really liked the free flowing and original look it created on the nail. If you have a steady hand you will be fine ladies but don't say we didn't warn you on that other hand!

We do love these pens and with a little practise and a few hours spare, we are sure we could rock a fabulous original nail! Have you had a play with these nail pens? What did you think?

Barry M Nail Pen £4.99
Hugs & Kisses



  1. Maybe this could be a trend we only do on our left hands! I am also SO bad at nail art and its 100 x worse when it comes to attempting the other hand.
    You did a great job I love the design & the nib on the Models Own marker looks thin & like you could do some good designs.

    1. hehe it is so tough! We have tried but unless you are a pro with both hands this product just won't work! well we will keep practising for now :)

      becki xox


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