September 21, 2013


A few months ago now, wow how time flies, the famous Jane Cunningham, writer of our favourite daily read British Beauty Blogger, embarked on creating her very own Beauty box, filled to the brim with products that not only she would highly recommend but that the buyers will enjoy using too.

Firstly before we talk about the box, we just wanted to say that this post has come a bit late, not only due to our little short blogging break but also because we wanted to really be able to try out the products and let you know what we thought worked and if there were any, what didn't for us two. Two opinions always better than one and all that jazz hehe!

Just our luck, we were also one of the only two boxes out of BBB limited run of 500 that managed to get lost in the post! As bloggers had already started reviewing the boxes, we were still waiting for ours so quickly got in contact with a lady who was in charge of the smooth running of the BBB boxes. Swiftly she sent us two new ones and a few extra goodies to make up for the already sold out Bio Effect Serum, which we didn't get the chance to try. However we couldn't be anymore happier with the box so before the reviews a big thank you to BBB! For £15 (P&P was £4.55 on top) this box is incredible value for money.

We have never really jumped on the beauty box band waggon before apart from our first Latest In Beauty purchase last month HERE, as we always find, that it is a bit of a risk to buy a box in advance that you have will have no idea what's in it or if you'll use any of it once you get it. With this box, not only did we trust Jane, with her choice of products but we knew that this was going to be the best value for money beauty box out there on the market. Meet the British Beauty Blogger Beauty Box... OH yes that's a bit of a hard one to say!

So here is what was in the BBB warned it's a long one as BBB certainly spoilt us.

B. Mascara (full size)
We adore the B. range at Superdrug and this mascara is a fab basic that will fit into any ladies make up bag. We were so surprised to see the full product in the box! We haven't a bad word to say about it. The mascara to buy is £9.99 so for a box of £15 this is a real treat.

Benefit The PoreProfessional (sample 7.5 ml)
How can you not love this product from Benefit? Jess has already used up a full size product of this, so this cute little mini came just in time. It was packaged up in cute tiny box too. This primer is silky soft and creates a flawless base before applying make up.

Bourjois Cream Blush in 01 & 02 (full size)
We have wanted to try these blushers as soon as we saw a few lucky bloggers write about them earlier in the year. We weren't disappointed at all. They are so creamy and the colours are very natural. Luckily we got one of each shade so have tried them both and they are stunning. These two blushers were also full size products costing £7.99 each.

CND SolarOil (sample 3.7ml)
Mmm marzipan in a bottle! This beautiful rich nail and cuticle oil, was packaged in the cutest mini we have ever seen. SolarOil is incredible, we are sold. It is a blend of light oils and vitamin E that helps to protect your nails and keep them healthy and strong. Since using this oil, apart from making us want to buy the full size, our nails are in great shape. We like to use this oil at night just before bed.

Elemis Tri Enzyme Face Mask (sample 15ml)
This lovely cooling and tingling gel mask helps to remove dead skin cells from the surface of your skin and it really works ladies. After our first try our skin felt like a babies bottom. It was like we had a new face!

Illamasqua Liquid Metal Eye Shadow in Electrum (full size)
Jess adores this product! Apart from being the most fantastic antique gold shade, this smooth creamy metallic pot can be used literally anywhere! Eyes, lips, body, you name it have a go! Jess has mainly loved wearing it as an eye shadow base.

Jo Loves Pomelo Fragrance (sample 2ml)
Well you may say that the incredibly talented might be the competition with us being in the fragrance business but we have to say hats off to Jo. She is a fragrance queen. We are afraid to say it but this isn't our sort of scent but the sample was packaged beautiful with a lovely ribbon.

Lanolips Lip Balm (full size)
We  have wanted to try this brand ever since we saw it on the shelves of Boots. Finally a lip product with the look of lip gloss but the hydrating feel of a lip salve. This product oozes luxury as it keeps your lips looking beautiful and plump without drying. This actual product is from Lanolips Colour range and we got Rhubarb, which literally melts into your lips with a hint of warm pink.

Melvita Orange Blossom Extraordinary Water (sample 28ml)
As you might have seen we adore the brand Melvita. We have tried this product before but not in this scent and oh boy it is heavenly! Divine! As soon as we smelt it, it reminded us instantly of our favourite hotel in Bangkok, The Oriental. It smells like The Orientals lobby, which always housed the most beautiful organic floral display that filled the lobby with scents of jasmine and orange flower. Without our extraordinary water we would have never survived the summer! This sample came in a little mister that is perfect for your handbag.

Melvita Apicosma Body balm (sample 15ml)
We haven't tried this product before from Melvita but it is great! It is a dense rich balm that melts into the skin. The sample size is fab, with enough in there to properly try it out. We liked to use it on patches of dry skin like knees and elbows, as it helped banish any dryness and left our skin feeling soft and supple.

Neom Hand Cream in Complete Bliss (amazing sample size at 50ml)
Another product from our competition (oooonly joking). Neom as you will know are mainly known for their candle range, hence why we have never really bought from the brand before but with this sample we were pleasantly surprised with how uplifting the fragrance Complete Bliss is. This sample was incredible! Almost full size! It wasn't Jess' sort of fragrance so Becki got both samples and one is already finished! The hand cream is a great addition to any ladies handbag. For me I didn't find it as moisturising as my hands are in a bad shape from work but I feel in love with the scent.

Philosphy Purity Cleanser (sample 90ml)
We have never tried any products from Philosophy before but we have heard great things. We have to admit that this was just one of those cleansers that didn't really agree with our skin. It did melt away make up but left just a bit soapy on the skin. It was soft and refreshing but we didn't love it.

Trilogy Rosehip Face Oil (full size)
Now this product was the star of the box in our eyes. We love face oils and this one has made it's way straight onto our beauty shelf. The biggest shock was that this product was included full size! At £16.50 to buy, this box is such amazing value. We loved this product the most as we have already seen the benefit on our skin. We both suffer with spot scarring on our chin and since using this oil we have seen a big difference.

So there it is! The best beauty box in the world! As much as we don't want to tell you this, as we would like to get our hands on one ourselves, but BBB has created another Beauty Box and is going on sale in November. We really do hope we manage to get a box again!



  1. Wow, what an amazing box! So much in there, and even the samples look brill :)

    Claire from Stylingo xxx

    1. the samples were huge! And a few full size products!

      Defo look out for the november one

      becki xox

  2. What a box! It is jam packed full of amazing products. A few I have tried but many things that are on my wish list. I am so excited for the BBB Xmas Box. I missed out on this box (too slow).
    I love NEOM hand creams they always smell so luxurious and are lovely and hydrating. Rosehip oil is a firm fave of mine and is amazing at calming and giving the skin a boost. I want the full size.

    1. it certainly is! We loved it and can't wait for Jane's next box! Becki xox

  3. My cousin (and fellow blogger) just bought me the Lanolips balm and I'm so glad to see it's got a positive review from you! Can't wait to try it out once I've finished my current one.
    You're so right about this box, it looks amazing and what fantastic value!
    Rebecca, from A Little Bit of Glitter (

    1. Oh lanolips is fab! It is hydrating and gives your lips a glossy finish! We love it

      Becki xox


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