September 11, 2013


A new series for you today lovely readers! If you have just started reading our blog, you may not know that Jess has just started a new career in personal training. For this career, she has the gruelling task of keeping her body in tip top shape. With a job that mainly relies on the way she looks to encourage clients, but with her work ethic and bod they couldn't possibly refuse! For this new series, we are going share a few of our favourite healthy recipes and *fingers crossed* get some videos up of great fitness ideas to do at home if you can't quite afford the gym. First up today is juicing...

Whether you need a body detox, body cleanse, a healthy pick me up or just a damn good tasty drink. Juicing has so many benefits for your body and is so simple to do, so there is no excuses ladies and gents. The days of juicing being a *hold your nose* and down a rather gloppy green gunk that tastes like grass, think again! Juicing allows you to cater for your own body needs and taste, with millions of possibilities to suit get juicing!

Jess bought the Phillips HR1861/00 Professional Aluminium Juicer and yes it is seriously professional! We love it as it is quick to clean, all the residue goes straight into a plastic bag, that can just be thrown away or used for your compost bin and it is easy to use. Of course this isn't the cheapest juicer on the market but for us it suits our needs and fits nicely into our family kitchen.

So now we have the equipment; let us introduce one of our favourite quick and easy recipes to make a perfect pick me up - our 'Carrot & Ginger Juice'.

1. Cut one cube of fresh ginger, keep the skin on.
2. Get yourself 6 large carrots, 2 large oranges and an apple from the fridge
3. Peal most of the rind off of the two large oranges but keeping the white bits inside still on.
4. Don't worry about pealing any of the other ingredients as the juicer will do all that for you!

  • Did you know?

    • Oranges help flush out toxins from your body that cause signs of ageing.
    • Carrots do actually help keep your eyes and skin healthy, that old wives tale wasn't too far off then!
    • Ginger is a natural antibiotic and decongestant.
This juice has amazing benefits including to help cleanse your liver and digestive system along with helping you see in the dark hehe. Well not quite but it can certainly aid healthy eyes and great looking skin. It is also rich in vitamins, folic acids, iron and magnesium, which is fabulous for a healthy body.

So all that is left to do is the washing up! Oh and do be careful not to tread on the sausage dog, who is rather fascinated by the juicer! We hope you like our new series and have a go at making this simple juice , if you are a first timer. Please comment below and tell us your juicing stories...



  1. I am a fanatical juicer. I love discovering new recipes. Im going to try this one tomorrow. I love ginger so this should be a winner for me

    1. get to it lady! Its so tasty and healthy for your body!

      Jess xox


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