September 28, 2013


It's that time again! I must firstly say, sorry for missing out my skincare routine from July to August but to be honest my skincare went up in smoke! We were busy busy busy ladies. Now back to today's post, my daily skin routine, each month seems to be becoming more and more suited for my skin, as I learn what works best for me. This month, I decided to try out a few new bits along with finishing up a few old friends.

First up is the reliable and skin balancing Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish c/o, which I always fall back on time and time again. As my skin was in an awful state during August after a very busy work and life schedule, I decided to go back to Cleanse & Polish to get my skin back on track along with keeping it in good condition. I still love this cleanser as it is so soft on my skin and melts away any make up or grime from the day. I have been using this as a cleanser both for day and night, and I can say that my skin is in great shape. Read my full review HERE.

Next up, toners. For this stage in my routine, I haven't changed it now for 3 months, since my review HERE. Aveda Botanical Kinetics Toning Spray and Pixi Glow Tonic have worked really well for me and I thought I would use them until I finish them, as I do hate wasting products. I use Aveda's toning spray both morning and night and Pixi's Glow Tonic only at night straight after cleansing, which then I apply Aveda's toning spray on top. This mix of the two keeps my skin feeling refreshed, healthy and hydrated. I think both of these products are worth every penny as they have lasted me so well and I enjoy using them in my skincare routine.

A new baby is up next Vichy Idealia Life Serum c/o. I have tried my fair share of serum's, not always finding one that I want to fully stick to.  I do love trying new products and seeing what works for my skin, so when Vichy contacted me and kindly sent this serum to try, I said goodbye old serum and placed this straight into my routine! Lots of bloggers have been writing about this product, so I already had a good idea of what the general feedback and reaction to the product was. I have to admit ladies & gents, I complete agree with the majority.

I am in love with this serum. Since using this product for over 2 to 3 weeks ago, my skin has never looked so even and full of life. As you may know by now, I don't tend to wear make up at work, which means I am usually bare faced. This means that when my skin is in bad shape, it is really noticeable and I go back to those spotty teenager years all over again. Since using this serum, my skin has looks flawless. Of course it is always hard to tell what exactly has helped your skin look it's best, when I am constantly trying out new products but as I am still using a few of my usual skincare components, this serum must have helped out!

The Idealia life Serum aims to help create a skin barrier against all the rubbish and pollution in the air along with even out skin tone and transform your skins appearance and I have to agree that my skin has never looked better. I hardly have any blemishes or red patchy areas, which during this stressful time, having clearer skin in great condition really help to boost my confidence and feel happier about the way I look, 'Oh natural' and all! The serum is beautifully soft and leaves your skin feeling smoother. The serum itself is a light pearlescent cream, which I only use two pumps of day and night after toning. It is a magical edition to my skincare routine.

I have never been that fussed about using an eye cream daily, until I  met Vichy Liftactiv Serum 10 Eyes & Lashes c/o. This eye serum goes that bit further by working on your lashes too. This serum is meant to help revive the signs of ageing, as the skin around your eye is the thinnest area of your skin on your body. Although, I know I am still young and luckily my skin is in pretty good shape, this serum is cooling and refreshing to use every day. The key factor that I love about this serum is the affect it has an instant affect on your lashes. To apply, Vichy say to use the serum around the eye area and once it begins to soak into the skin, lay your finger under your lashes and slowly lift upwards. By doing this your eye lashes instantly curl! My lashes have never looked so healthy and full of life. I am hoping that after a few more months my lashes will carry on looking well conditioned and fuller. Although this serum is for the more mature lady, I have enjoyed it's instant affect on my lashes and I have already recommended it to my Mooma!

I am on my final few weeks of my fave day moisturiser from Melvita. You might have noticed that this cream, Moisturising Rose Nectar c/o, has lasted me so well! I started using it in June! For the price and the amazing hydration it brings to my skin, I would definitely recommend it. You can read my full review HEREFor a change, I have strictly been using this cream in the mornings as it's scent and cooling feeling on my skin wakes me up! For night time, I have another new addition.

Meet my night time moisturiser, Pond's Institute Natural Beauty with Green Tea Extract c/o. I adore this brand and this new product. Pond's has always been my go-to brand when my skin needs to re-balance and hydrate. Pond's new release is a collection of simple skincare products that is suited for young skin with green tea antioxidants, this cream keeps your skin hydrated and fights the early signs of anti-ageing. I love this cream as it smells uplifting and refreshing, whilst leaving your skin soft and hydrated, which is all I need in a moisturiser. For the price, this cream is well worth trying, if you are after an affordable and simple skincare addition into your routine. I have had a search around for this product online but I am not 100% it will be selling online yet. You can find it however exclusively in Superdrug stores nationwide.

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish £12.75 c/o, Aveda Botanical Kinetics Toning Spray £17.00, Vichy Idealia Life Serum £29.50 30ml c/o, Vichy Liftactiv Serum 10 Eyes & Lashes £24.50 c/o & Pond's Institute Natural Beauty with Green Tea Extract £4.07 c/o


  1. Oh my!! The eye serum sounds like something I need. My lashes are awful and don't have a natural curl. Must try this! :) great post!

    Meimei xx

    1. It's literally the first eye serum that I have used and Ill never go back- it looks amazing after you have used it! I go to bed looking half descent than a grumpy mess hehe

      becki xox


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