September 27, 2013


A brand new launch for our Nail of the Day today from one of our favourite brands Liz Earle. Liz Earle is known for their fantastic, gentle and natural products that you can't ever fault, as they always agree with our skin and look fantastic on. So naturally we were really excited to hear that Liz Earle were soon launching a collection of 12 classic nail polishes that encapsulate Liz Earle's clean and simple design and concept.

The 12 Nail polishes in the collection are all prices at £7.50 each for a12ml bottle, which may be a tad pricey then the general drug store polish but in comparison to big brands such as Nails Inc who's prices start at £10 for 10ml the price is reasonable. With added botanical extracts and oils such as avocado and borage, these nail polishes are gentle and don't dry out your nails. We can never really comment much on how well they last as both of us have rather un-glamorous jobs that our nails usually chip after a few hours but we can say that after the polish has dried, it looked super glossy.

The formula of these polishes, to our surprise is actually rather watery. The first layer of application is very thin and transparent, which may be a tad annoying for those of you who only like to apply one coat but honestly after the second coat that's when the colour really comes alive.

The colours themselves cover all areas of the spectrum. The colours can be divided into four styles, The Nudes, The brights, The classic Red's and Dark shades. Although the collection, is playing it safe, shades like Bright & breezy (Sampled below) certainly stand out to gals like us, as the brights are the colours that really pack a punch. Now we also love classic colours such as a beautiful glamorous red like Knockout and Pure Poetry, a deep Burgundy (unfortunately we haven't sampled these shades but online they look fab!). So to the colours that we were luckily enough to sample...

We have placed these two shades, Grace and Ebb Tide together as they are two gorgeous nudes. Grace is the lightest shade in the collection. The colour is a pretty and subtle creamy natural tone with a hint of peach. As this shade is extremely natural, almost the colour of your nail, it is a tad tricky to apply but after 2 to 3 coats the colour becomes fully visible. This is a perfect shade for Jess to wear at work, as she is only allowed to wear a very neutral nail (uniform rules and all!).

Ebb Tide, is one of the favourites in the collection by many. It is a warm mushroom grey, that looks elegant and sophisticated on the nail. Becki's favourite nude shade is Holland Park by Nails Inc, which is very similar to this shade due to the almost chocolaty quality of the polish.

These two nail colours are beautiful. Firstly, you may have heard us two sisters go on about Rimmel London's InStyle Coral before, which for Becki is the ultimate coral. Well since seeing and trying Liz Earle's Bright & Breezy, we have may have a new favourite. Bright & Breezy is a fantastic, vibrant coral with more of a creamy orange undertone. This colour is fun and bright suited for our personalities. Summer may be over but we will be rocking this nail shade all year round.

The final shade is Liz Earle's darkest shade in the collection. Meet Rhapsody in Blue, which is a sexy midnight blue. When you first apply this blue, the first coat is a beautiful deep indigo that once you apply the second coat the colour changes into a rich dark blue that on the nails looks almost black. We have never been much of a fan of blue nails, unless its Nails Inc's Baker Street on a footy day but this blue is glamorous and different to what we usually pick to wear.

Liz Earle Strengthening Nail Colour12ml £7.50 each c/o
Have you tried the new Liz Earle Nail collection? What is your favourite shades?


  1. These look lovely, from the colour to this finish & even the packaging looks simple & luxe. Rhapsody Blue really stands out to me. What a pretty colour for winter

    1. They are FANTASTIC! We can't believe how amazing they are. The formula is great and colour range is amazing

      Becki & Jess xox

  2. The finish on these looks amazing! Look almost like gel! Such nice colours too!

    1. They are really shiney actually and hard wearing too
      Becki xox


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