September 19, 2013


As you may know over the last few months Becki has been trying to discover a great mascara; clump free, easy application, affordable and obviously it has to create amaze-balls va va voom lashes. Becki's favourite being Lancome Hypnose 01 Noir... But she had not been introduced to the absolutely FANTASTIC 'They're real mascara' by Benefit.

Brilliant choice of name by Benefit - 'Yes, they're real'  is the answer to the question I am asked most frequently by clients, friends and would you believe it even guys when I wear this mascara. In the industry of fitness / personal training you can end up working all hours of the day; going from early mornings to late evening, so a key aspect of my mascara is, really, to give me a wide eye and awake look, which this product 100% does.

For starters going straight to the basics, the wand is just simply amazing. I usually like my eyelashes to be really full and dare I say 'luscious' therefore I usually end up slapping on untold layers and by the end of that I have to really attack my lashes and try to separate them to avoid the clumpy look but with this wand, honestly it is such a great design separates the lashes perfectly whilst applying. 

 With only two quick coats this product completely transformed my lashes; they were volumised and curled perfectly to the tip. Going back to the great wand, with a domed shaped tip it is really easy to fan out the lashes in the outer and inner corners of the eye, to help create the fanned / wide eyed look.

As for 'wear and tear' I think the mascara held my lashes perfectly throughout the day and looked as good as new by 6pm :o) However, I did find it a bit of a nightmare to get off and struggled when using my usual make up remover but it does go to show if you want to keep those luscious lashes all night, they can 100% survive.

TIP: Literally drown / soak a cotton wool pad with you make up or specifically an eye make up remover, hold against the lid for a few moments and then gently wipe the product away. Isn't to simple but just really soak that pad :o)

For me I think this is a great product and was so happy with the result I achieved after every use, It is really great and I will definitely be investing in the full size product which I believe retails at £19.50.

Benefit They're real mascara sample size- c/o but usually £19.50




  1. I have always found it hard to get a good mascara and for years buying loads to find the right one. It wasn't until I started working in Lancome a couple months ago that I found the Hypnose and it has been my life saver ever since. Although that is so, my friend wears the "They're real" mascara and swears by it. Def have to try it out

    Rach x

    All The Little Things x | Rachael McClenaghan

    1. Oh we adore Hypnose, its Becki's favourite. Jess loves this Benefit mascara for its amazing lengthing and volumising qualities! How exciting to work at Lancome though!

      Jess xox


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