September 07, 2013


Since destroying our Mum's lipstick from a young age and strutting around the house in clonking high heels Becki and myself have always, always loved lipstick. One of our close friends always says 'if you pop on a splash of bright lippy and grab a nice hand bag no one will even notice what you're wearing' and we would have to agree. So for this post we have collated our favourite lipsticks at the moment, obviously including the usual suspects; Nars, Mac and a Kate Moss lipstick from Rimmel London.

Mac - Lady Danger

Becki: When me and Lady Danger met, it was love at first sight! Since having this beautiful warm orange hue in my make up collection, my other lipsticks haven't got a look in at all. This Summer I haven't been able to wear any other shade apart from this one. It is my ultimate go-to lip for going out in the day and night. Now I have ventured into the land of red hair, this colour looks just as good against both my vibrant hair and pale skin. Yep, no summer holidays for me! 

Rimmel London Kate Moss Collection - 107 

Jess: I absolutely love this lipstick - I think I wear it at least 3/4 times a week! It is a deep red / purple colour similar to burgundy and just looks fabulous with either a clean or smokey eye. When applying this lipstick it has a reasonable creamy texture, considering it is a matte lipstick.

Becki: This is my new found love! Kate you have done us proud! 107 is by far the best shade! As I have had a colour change with my hair, this lipstick now finally suits me! For some reason it didn't quite work with my blonde hair but now with red, it looks dark and seductive, well I like to think so!

Estee Lauder Pure colour long lasting lipstick- Melon & Mac - Ravishing

Jess: We adore these subtle peachy tones for summer as they can be worn with almost everything. Yes, we admit sometimes we need a break from our signature POP LIP and so these have been our favourites. The first lip shade is from Estee Lauder in Melon, which is a beautiful glossy lipstick with a slight shimmer to it. The colour is highly pigmented and blends beautifully into your lips as it contains Shea butter, leaving your lips smooth and hydrated.

A very similar lip shade to Estee Lauder's Melon is Mac's AMAZING peachy coral cream shine finish. The creamer formula is moisturising and not drying at all, which makes a change from our rather obsessive collection of matte lipsticks! Mac's lipstick is packed full of colour that lasts for hours. Even when the colour does start to fade it is hardly noticeable as it is a very natural coral shade. The colour looks great against pale skin and darker skin= bonus! For us we love it especially for the last days of Summer, mixed with a bright eye and natural complexion.

Nars - Schiap

Becki: Well, hello Pop Lip! This colour is incredible! It can only be described as an electric pink that looks amazing on a night out. Teamed with natural make up, your lips certainly we get noticed. We picked this shade in our favourites, as we are yet to find a pink like this Nars one. It is moisturising, long lasting and packs a punch. This colour won't be for everyone and even for me now, as a red head, you got to have confidence for this shade. We still love it and although it may be best warn in the summer, against a tan it looks fab. We aren't letting autumn shades in just yet!

What are your favourite lipsticks at the moment? Comment below and share your reviews of your favourite lip colours.


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