October 24, 2013


Today's Beauty Addiction has mainly been pieced together with lots of lovely goodies from my beauty draws. Only in the last year or so, I have slightly become obsessed with the scent and calming qualities of Lavender. When I was searching through our joint sister beauty stash, I found some fabulous products that contained lavender that all seemed to be in shade of purple!

Lavender is well known for helping to clear your mind, embrace calm and can help you drift off into a peaceful sleep. Lavender is mainly found in beauty products as an oil or essential oil as it is used for fragrance. However as you will reader later on, Lush have used the actual flower head within their amazing 100% natural fresh cleanser, which I wish could we love to see more of in the beauty world.

I absolutely adore the scent of lavender. I think that is the reason, I always seem to navigate towards any product with the delicate calming scent. Ever since struggling with anxiety, I have found anything with a calming scent helps to keep controlled and centred. Lavender, is one of those scents that you assume will only be loved by old ladies but oh no- I am a huge fan. All I am waiting for now is our dad to finally make a lavender inspired candle and I will be set.

These are a few of my favourite lavender products that we have picked up over the last few months that I absolutely love!
This Works Deep Sleep Night Time Duo Sleep Balm 10g  & Pillow Spray 75ml £22.00
Well I know I mention this brand and product quite often but honestly, I literally couldn't live without the This Works Deep Sleep collection. Since coming to terms with all my years of confusion and panic on why sometimes, I just feel so different and like I want to escape everything, I have started a long and tough process of dealing with my anxiety. I have found the scent of this collection has allowed me to calm and compose when anxiety is being a bitch and certainly takes my mind away from the crappy situation I find myself in.
The first product in this fab duo is This Works Sleep Balm. This balm has the calming qualities that helps you deal with stress by massaging it onto your pulse points and inhale the scents of chamomile, lavender and vetiver. The balm is soothing and soften on your skin too as it contains Coconut and Monoi oil, which you can then use on your cuticles and nails. This is great as it also means the balm won't dry out your skin if you use it regularly like me.
The other half of the duo is This Works Pillow Spray, which if you haven't invested in, do it now! With an incredible blend of essential oils such as lavender, wild chamomile and vetiver, this spray is a natural sleep aid, that helps you drift off into a perfect deep sleep. I would love to use this spray every night, but as you can see that would be quite an expensive habit. However, if I had a year supply of this spray, I would be the happiest gal in the world. At the moment, I only use it when I feel extremely stressed or need a good night sleep.
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Dove Spa Relaxed Bath & Shower Gel £10.50 250ml c/o
This is a beautiful calming luxurious shower gel, that I love to use of an evening to set me in the right mood for bedies. With a beautiful blend of Lavender and Vanilla, it lathers onto your body and clears your mind. For some reason the shower gel is a bright violet, which reminds us a bit of my favourite Molton Brown newly named Ylang Ylang collection. They smell completely different but the packaging of Dove Spa's range is reminiscent of Molton Brown.
Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate £36.00 30ml
Well, this is still one of those oils that since my rather undecided review, it has found it's way into my all time favourites. Whether it had to grow on me or I was just over using it when I first bought it, now I only use it when my skin needs a real overnight hydration. I decided to place it within this post as I first originally bought this oil due to its intoxicating calming scent of rich pure essential oils and botanics, which includes Lavender. If you were thinking of trying this oil it would certainly be wise to try before you buy as it is an expensive oil but certainly worth the money if it works for your skin.
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Lush Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser £6.35 100g c/o
This is a fantastic 100% natural skin cleanser that helps to reduce redness, evens skin tone and helps keep your skin looking healthy. I really enjoyed this cleanser, as it is a solid cleanser that turns into a milky texture when you add water to it. The cleansers key aroma is lavender as it contains the actual lavender flower within the mixture. I love this as it feels gentle on the skin and adds a potent scent whilst cleansing. If you are not a fan of lavender this cleanser will not be for you but if you love freshly made products, the Lush promise and a perfect cleanser that helps combat oil and redness, this is for you. Other key ingredients within the cleanser are Ground Almonds, Kaolin and Lavender Oils.
Lush Dream Steam Steamer Tablet £2.50 
This wonderfully scented toner tablet is an interesting concept from Lush. The idea is to steam your face, by adding this tablet to a bowl of hot water whilst you poke your head over it under a towel. The tablet releases a blend of essential oils that helps to clean your skin and change your mood. The beautiful blend of oils of Lavender, Chamomile and one of my favourite fragrance notes Rose Absolute, together they help clear your skin, reduce redness and calm your mind. The tablets are a tad expensive for just one go but at the price of a Starbucks coffee, we know which one I would prefer!
I hope you have enjoyed the second part of our Beauty Addiction series! Do you love Lavender? What are your favourite products?



  1. This is post for my husband. He LOVES lavender! :) X


  2. Oh I love Lavender it smells so wonderful and I would also like all of those products please, they are all on my wishlist xx

    Beautyqueenuk xx

  3. I really want to try the kiehls oil but housebound so cannot get a sample

    1. I am pretty sure they sell smaller bottles online and sometimes give a sample free with your order
      Becki xxo


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