October 20, 2013


Word of warning Ladies & Gents...don't get jealous because we found them first! If you have no idea what we are on about, a few months ago via the wonderful world that is twitter, we met two beautiful sisters from New York. To our surprise, they are, like us, beauty bloggers and both write for their sister duo blog Pass the Rouge. With lots of chit chat and emails back and forth, we felt like we had a connection with Michelle and Valerie and as soon as they offered to do a beauty box swap we jumped at the opportunity.

To the details, we both agreed to create a beauty box to share, filled with all the bits and bobs that would suit each others personalities and tastes to the value of £30 and then delivery on top. Of course not realising when we first started how expensive blooming delivery would be! It seems that we both got waaaay to over excited and we certainly went way over budget but somehow we just felt like this could be the start of a great relationship.

So as the New York gals are still waiting on our parcel to them, we had held off publishing this post for a while as we wanted to wait till they had got their parcel (don't even ask the drama we had with sending it!!) which Michelle and Valerie plan to blog about too. For now, until they have received their parcel, this post is a little sneak preview of 3 posts that are to come, as their parcel arrived so swiftly, we have already tried and tested out all of the products, as beauty addicts do hehe.

Honestly we are overwhelmed with the generosity of Michelle and Valerie, you two couldn't be anymore lovelier! Here's to a great friendship from across the pond, sisters to sisters and beauty addicts to beauty addicts.



  1. I love doing beauty swaps & almost enjoy buying stuff as much as receiving. Its so exciting.
    You received some lovely bits to try. Can't wait to read your reviews

    1. Getting a parcel is still the best thing ever! xox


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