October 07, 2013


I haven't written up an empties post for well over a month now, so naturally as a beauty blogger, I have lots to share with you! Most of these products, I have written a full review for so I won't ramble on. Here are my skincare empties from September.

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish £13.25 c/o

This cleanser is literally a hero product, if my skin is ever looking a little worse for wear, Cleanse and Polish always gets it back on track. I have been using this cleanser for a while now- on and off over the past year and I can never fault it. It clears away make up with easy and leaves your skin cleansed and ready for the day ahead. As seen in my last skincare routine post HERE, I have been using this as my morning cleanser. I would repurchase this cleanser in a second.
Melvita Fresh Micellar Water £15.50 200ml l c/o

Used as my secret cheat cleanser, I can't got anywhere without a micellar water. I love them for a quick and easy cleanse or just for taking off make up before using a richer cleanser. My skin adored this water from one of my new favourite brands as it was very gentle and soften on the skin, with not an inch of dryness anywhere. I prefer this water over the much loved L'Oreal micellar water, which I reviewed HERE, for the delicate floral scent. I am a sucker for rose scented products and this was just another to add to my ever growing collection. A Beauty Addiction post will be coming soon!

Nuxe Reve de Miel Hand and Nail Cream £10.00 75ml c/o

Oh boy do I get through hand creams hehe! As mentioned a thousand times, my hands go through the wars at work and if I don't have some sort of hand saviour in my bag I just wouldn't survive! This cream in particular helped sooth and heal my dry and damaged hands due to the rich luxurious formula that also smells incredible. Read my full review HERE.

My everyday essential! I have been using this deodorant everyday for ages now and although it may not seem the most glamorous beauty product to write about, i thought hold on, it actually is an essential! not a day goes by when I don't use it. I love this particular range as the scent is really refreshing and keeps me protected throughout the day. I always have at least 3 of these spare in my house as I couldn't go without it.

Who could possibly like without this delicious product in their lives! To start it is the tastiest lip scrub I have ever tasted- yes it is edible! Secondly I keeps all that awful dry skin at bay with its soft exfoliating natural ingredients. Mint Julips is my favourite flavour as it smells like mint choco chip- the best ice cream in my eyes! Can't go wrong with a classic! I am already on my second pot of this as I love it!

A great natural cleanser with non nasties. If you love the scent of Lavender and all things herbal, you have to try this cleanser from Lush. Made as a solid, once you take a little ball of the greeny naturally scented cleanser and place it under water, it turns into a lovely soften milk, which then you rub all over your face to remove all your daily dirt and grim. I found this cleanser to be a tad tricking for eyes as the fragrance is quite strong but after my skin felt amazing.

I can not even describe my love for this product! I received an amazing sample of this gel cream in my last Space NK goodie bag back in May and well to be honest, had put it at the back of my cupboard not thinking I would ever really need to use it as I like to stick to one moisturiser at a time. So the day came when my moisturiser ran out unexpectedly and I had no replacement. Struggling to find a sample that I wanted to try, I found this one. Honestly, I used every last drop! Lasting me approx 2 to 3 weeks, my skin showed the benefits of using this moisturiser straight away. Just as the name suggest, this cream almost completely minimised my pores, leaving me with an almost perfect complexion. The gel like formula worked perfectly with my combination skin and gave me a supple and soft surface. I have come so close to purchasing this cream but with a big £50 price tag, I have had to stop myself. Maybe a Christmas present to self? 

Origins GinZing Moisturiser (sample) c/o

Although this sample was tiny and I only managed to get approx a days worth out of it, I am so happy I got to try it for free. I have had my eye on this moisturiser for a while now as I am always on the hunt for a new one as it is a product that I seem to fly through over a few months. I have to say as soon as I smelt, tried and tested I knew I was going to love this product. With a name that suggests an energising radiance boost, I was sold. As I said even though I tried just one day's worth the texture was beautifully soft and my skin didn't feel tacky or oily at all. The moisture lasted all day and I feel that my skin has a glow to it.

Sainsbury's Baby Cotton Wool Pads £1.50

Square cotton pads? Yes ladies and gents they exist! I am always so tired of wasting thousands of little round cotton pads every day as they can hardly hold any product and basically take of jack! So when I found in Sainsbury's in the baby section, square cotton pads, I was saved! They are great for taking of make up or for toning and I find a packet of these lasts me ages in comparison to the usual size cotton pads. I will be forever repurchasing.

Dove Spa Eye and Lip Make up Remover £14.50 c/o

I am actually really sad that I have finished up this little pot of goodness. I have never really been one for a make up remover, as I usually just cleanse and that does the job but after using this eye and lip remover formula, it made taking off my make up so much easier and my muslin cloth almost immaculate for a change! Read my full review HERE.

Have you finished any of your favourite skincare products this month? I know it sure does suck when you do!


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