October 18, 2013


As the nights are getting colder and the days are shortening, night time is all about snuggling on the sofa and pampering. For me, literally my favourite store around this time is Lush Cosmetics. Whether it's the amazing scents, goodies for the bath or just that little bit of indulgence, I can never say no to a Lush order! Due mainly to my anxiety and the stress of going shopping, I ordered online for first time with Lush and I must say I was very impressed.

With an amazing speedy delivery and a fab huge box turning up at my door, I was one happy lady. So down to the order! As you may have guessed I do love a bath bomb. I am sure I am not alone when I say that with the chilly weather, there is nothing better than a cosy warm bath and an indulgent Lush bath bomb. I have almost tried all of the Lush bath bomb range and so when I spotted a few new ones, I couldn't resist. 

My first repurchase was Honey Bee bath bomb, that just smells divine. I am a little honey obsessed and with honey and aloe Vera, it leaves your skin feeling soothed and soft. However word of warning, the bath water turns very yellow and can stain the bath, so don't fall asleep in the bath ladies as you may turn yellow! 

I have found that I tend to prefer calming scents in the bath and ones with a little bit of snap crackle and pop so I had to repurchase Big BlueAlthough without the snap, crackle and pop, this bath bomb is a gorgeous ozonic bath bomb with lavender oil, seaweed and salt that turns the bath water like the sea. The salt feels great on your skin and with little floating seaweed bits, you can relax and wind down. Who needs a holiday! *clenching my jaw, whilst thinking of Jess holidaying it up in Thailand*

A brand new purchase was Ne Worry Pas, which I bought literally due to it's key fragrance note- violets. Violet is one of those scents that reminds me of my childhood and I love it!! This bath bomb fills the bath with a beautiful rich milky water that sooths and softens the skin. I hadn't ever seen or tried this bath bomb before as it actually is only available to buy online. So get online asap ladies & gents!

A French Kiss is one of those bubble bars that I am sure you will be so surprised that I haven't tried, as you'll know it adore lavender and all things calming. This was honestly the best item I bought from Lush and I can say that I will be forever repurchasing this bubble bar. With skin softening ingredients, this bubble makes some serious buuuubbbbbblllllleeeeeessss! Love it! 

Waving not Drowning- named as the perfect bed time soother, again I picked this bath bomb for its key fragrances and to help keep me calm. Lavender and ylang ylang are a gorgeous match. This bath bomb however is one of the tiny ones but it does still pack a punch in the bath! I had to share this little story from the Lush website for why this bath bomb is named Waving not Drowning..."Named after a poem by Stevie Smith, Mark thought the idea of struggling in deep water was a good description for the way people sometimes feel when they’re stressed and have trouble sleeping. This ballistic won’t solve all your problems but it may just help you put them on hold for a little while". 

Finally, how could I not repurchase my favourite fresh face mask in this little luxurious bundle for myself! I adore Brazened Honey face mask, not only for my love of honey beauty products but for it's instant radiance and gentle exfoliating delight! My skin literally loves this fresh mask. Straight from the fridge, cover your whole face in a layer of the mask and relax for 10 minutes. I like to apply the mask just before bed, as it leaves me with baby butt skin that literally glows. You can read my full review HERE if you would like to know more of what I think of this incredible mask. By the way, I was a tad worried about getting this mask delivered to me, as I know it has to stay cold due to it's fresh ingredients but I must say that the mask came out of the box just as chilled as it would be in the fridge.

So there you have it, my all self-indulgent present to myself! Everyone needs one of these deliveries, whether your feeling a tad blue or on top of the world, you have to treat yourself. I hope you have enjoyed my mini haul post and hopefully you won't be seeing one of these for a while...as if hehe.



  1. Great post. I buy my mummy bath bombs all the time. My nieces put a Big Blue in the bath with them and freaked out. I have never seen anyone jump as quick in my life. The seaweed was hilarious.
    Really love the sound of Ne Worry Pas and the Waving not Drowning.

    Rachael x
    All The Little Things x | Rachael McClenaghan

    1. Thank you my dear, ah that is so cute!! I bet it was a bot of a shock when the bath turned blue hehe, I am always surprised when the bath turns like orange or something! That's way I love Lush!

      becki xox

  2. Those bath bombs look amazing. This post has made me so excited to get bath bombs now I have a bath! Haha simple things.
    Great post x

    1. I have a Lush addiction hehe! Hope youve managed to pick yourself up a few pampering bath bombs :) xox

  3. I love LUSH & try to order a few new things each time.
    I haven't tried any of the things in your haul. A French Kiss sounds relaxing & perfect to use after a long day. I might try this next

  4. You're a total beauty enabler, Becki! I have just purchased the Bubblegum lip scrub and a new tub of the Seaweed face mask but after seeing those bath bombs, I want to go do another Lush haul... like right now! I'm curious about the Brazened Honey face mask - I think I can really benefit from that for days when I only get less than 4 hours of sleep (Blame it on my bad reading habits and the new Kindle Fire HD my Mom gave me).

    1. I think I will say thank you hehe :) Brazened Honey is incredible, I would certainly recommend xox


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