October 14, 2013


Every lady loves her bags! Well, I know I certainly do. Since I was a teenager, I have always found a love for designer handbags, I know I probably sound a complete bag snob but designer bags are my weakness and this bag, I am using this Autumn is the cause! Actually it's my dads good taste that is the second cause!

Meet my oldest and most treasured bag. I have been lucky enough to have had this bag bought for me by my dad when I was about 14 years old, spoilt much!! I know not many 14 year old that get a Prada bag at such a young age but I fell in love with it. Maybe it was a burning love for fashion and style even then but for years I couldn't go anywhere with out this bag. It is unusual, beautiful, bold and encapsulates the quirky side to my style. It is fairly petite so time and time again it comes out of the draw and once again I fall in love. This Autumn for me will mainly be keeping bloody warm and so if I am wrapped up in hundreds of layers, I might as well accessories with a fab statement bag.

After my little sentimental bag love, here is my much lighter and small contents of my autumn handbag. Firstly if you hadn't noticed I am reading Harry Potter. You might have read that Jess and I are MEGA Harry Potter movie fans but we have both never read the books, so what a better time to start than now. It's chilly outside and cosy inside- perfect book weather. I feel like I am reliving the stories all over again as to say I have seen the movies hundreds of times is not an overstatement, it's true!

I always carry around with me my Mulberry diary these days as we are being invited to amazing blog events more regularly now and I am useless with dates. I am in love with it's corally orange colour so much at the moment! I adore my Paperchase Mocha notebook too, which I use to jot down wedding appointments, floral designs and blog ideas when they pop into my head. Whilst I am on the designer name dropping train, I am still using my Mulberry Harriet Purse, it is just the perfect size. 

It maybe Autumn but you'll never catch me without my Ray Bans as I have very sensitive eyes to light. Did you know the sun makes me sneeze?? I am a tad weird I did warn you! The usual suspects are still in my bag, the Oyster card (even though I haven't been on a tube for months due to this bad spell of anxiety), phone, gum and keys.

A new addiction to my bag is our new season tickets! If you didn't know Jess and I have been going to watch Chelsea FC for many many years now with our dad and we love it! We are hooligans by the way, don't think just because we wear pretty clothes and go to footy in a full face of make up, that we don't f and blind all through out the match hehe! We do actually sit right in the thick of it in the Shed Upper. It is definitely not for the faint hearted!

My must have beauty bits are simple and easy to use on the go or if I need to quickly apply some make up for a meeting at work. I love the Gosh BB Powder c/o, as it matches my skin tone perfectly and it looks very natural without drying my skin. On top of this I use a little of Bourjois Cream Blush in 01 c/o. I have really fallen in love with these blushers, yes I am a bit late on the band waggon but who cares hehe. They look lovely right on the apples of my cheeks and I don't need any brushes to apply it, I just use my finger and blend. For my eyes I carry around a mini of my favourite mascara Hypnose by Lancome c/o. Read my full review HERE.

A few other beauty must haves are L'Occitane's Shea butter hand cream c/o, which is my new fave for fixing up my floristry damaged hands. In the Winter it only gets worse, so this thick creamy hand cream is perfect for keeping my hands in good shape. The other two are This Works Sleep Balm and Deep Sleep Stress Less, that I keep on me at all times in case I have an anxiety attack out and about. I spoke about this more in my full review HERE.

What are your Autumn hand bag must haves? Comment below and let me know any of your beauty bits in your handbag too!


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