November 07, 2013


Morning lovelies, now I wanted to just take the opportunity to say, we are so sorry for the lack of blogging at the moment and for us two being so quiet over the last few weeks. As you might know Jess has been off travelling the world and starting her new career in our family business and we were both struck down with the lurgy last week, let alone losing our beautiful boy last month, we would say it hasn't been easy.

At the moment, Becki has been writing for LLP and has been trying her best to keep up to date but as you would of noticed it's not easy suddenly going solo, so hats off to you lovely ladies and gents doing it every day. For now we seem to be on a bit of a transition period in trying to figure out how to work the blog within out busy schedules but we wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone to who reads, follows and comes back to read our blog. You have made this the most incredible year and we love every single one of you. Right now we haven't quite figured out how we are going to run our blog during all these changes and so we are so sorry for the lack of consistency if you are a regular reader. We really do appreciate your support and love for what we do.

Over the next few weeks, we will try and keep you posted as much as we can with what we decide to do or if we have to take a blogging break. Just know that all of your mean the world to us and we couldn't live without you all now. With what ever we decide, we hope your still come back to read LLP from years to come.

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