December 02, 2013


Do you remember back in the Summer, we were lucky enough to meet two fabulous sisters from New York via the good old twitter who agreed to a giant beauty box swap? Well, we were utterly spoilt by these two wonderful ladies and you can see from the contents of the box above, that it has taken us quite a while to get through all of the products! We wanted to share a few posts with our readers, what we really thought of the products from across the shores and fingers crossed Michelle and Valeria will blog about their London box too! What a better place to start than Nails!

Spoiling us rotten with five beautiful nail varnishes from Essie and Color Club, two brands that we actually have never owned a nail varnish from, we were blown away by not only the quality but the amazing shades. Starting with Essie, the NY ladies bought us three different shades. They are 'Over the Top'- an amazing shimmering petrol black, 'Madison Ave-hue'- the perfect warm pink and 'Penny Talk'- the ultimate rose gold. All three varnishes, applied evenly and the metallic colouring is a knock out once dried. To our surprise though, all three Essie nail varnish formula's are quite thin and running and do need a few coats  to show their real potential. Our favourite has to be 'Penny Lane' as for Christmas, it would look so pretty and rather festive.

Finally are these two very pretty shades from Color Club. These cute miniature bottles are the perfect size for travelling and we think their formulations are amazing! The nail varnish is much thicker than the Essie polish and their mini brushes cover the nail in a few sweeps. 'Mod from Mani-attan' is a chic off white that maybe a year ago, we would have been like 'eeewwrr white nails- no way' but now they are the ultimate accessory. 'Pardon my French' is a warm pinky lilac that we can't wait to rock on a warm spring day next year.

You can see that the girls get our humour with picking us funny and rather well suited NY named nail varnishes for our beauty box- they certainly made us chuckle. Thank you once again ladies for spoiling us and we can't wait to share the next bundle of beauty bits from the box!



  1. What a lovely swap! A girl can NEVER have too many nail polishes. Loving all the colours esp the Pink Essie shade

    1. Hehe, Vicki you should see our nail collection- Its unhealthy hehe xox

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Rachael :) Part 2 and 3 are coming soon xox


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