December 01, 2013


Pinch punch first of the month! I wanted to share with you a not so little present that I have just perched at the end of Jess' bed...Now this is what I call a beauty addicts dream advent calender!

This year there have been so many beautiful beauty calenders popping up everywhere and even The Body Shop calender was a surprise but(and yes there is always a BUT).. I am sure I am not alone on this one, when I say...I wanted one so badly but boy, I couldn't afford it! Last Christmas I made both Jess and John a homemade advent calender, where they opened a mini present every day. Picking bits and bobs over a few months, in the end it was a huge success and alot of fun! So I planned to create something bigger and better this year...

Well, if I thought I spoilt Jess last year, this Christmas I have hand made Jess an ACTUAL advent calender. Yes ladies I made this giant thing by hand! With 24 mini cardboard boxes, an empty TV box and rolls and rolls of cello tape, I jumped at the challenge and made this baby in one night. With each little door opening onto a beauty product, jewellery, clothes or choccies, I am certainly super jealous that I didn't make myself one now. I couldn't share what I have put inside the calender but she has promised to instagram each door every day :)

 Have you had a go at making your own advent calender this year? Or did you indulge in a beauty calender?



  1. This is such a cute idea. Very thoughtful. I am going to make my niece one next year.


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