December 06, 2013


A few weekends ago, John and I thought we would get out of the house and get some fresh air. Living in south west London all my life, I am so excited to finally share everywhere I love with John and show him what he has been missing!  Naturally being a Surrey lad, John is one of those outdoorsy types so I decided to show him and you lovely people that London isn't just a huge over populated nightmare, it is actually a beautiful tranquil place. 

My first choice had to be a trip to Wimbledon Common. Close where we are living in our new house, it's an idyllic escape full of woodland, open spaces and perfect places for a picnic. It was minus degrees even in the sun, so we decided to to take a long walk through the woods and have a mini adventure. Trying avoid being jumped on by a muddy dog or fall into a rabbit hole, John attempted to climb some trees, whilst I was hugging a Starbucks to keep warm. We very quickly established however that I am certainly not the outdoorsy type! Either way, I will forever love the common as it is filled with so many memories of mine and Jess' childhood of bringing our beautiful old man Mr Grolsch every Sunday and secretly, a walk was just what I needed - fresh air along with some peace and quiet.

Where do you like to escape to? 


  1. What beautiful pictures! I love Wimbledon Common for a wander. x

  2. Thank you, the common is the nicest place in autumn, so peaceful xox


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