January 06, 2014


Hello Ladies and Gents I hope you had an amazing weekend and didn't get swept away in the gale force winds we have been having in London. I wanted to quickly say before getting to today's post, that I hope you liked my new series Sunday Love. This weeks Sunday post was a super duper long one, probably the longest post I have ever written and in hand, it was the first post I have ever been nervous about writing. I promise next Sunday's post won't be as long and fingers crossed it will be something you like reading every weekend. Now back to today's post.
Available in five different shades, Espresso, Vanilla, Crush, Caramel and Mocha - a coffee lovers dream, these are the newish Barry M Matte Nail paints. All five shades are extremely wearable on any skin tone and I think they are the best collection that Barry M have brought out in a while. The shade I am wearing above is my favourite - caramel, as it honestly goes with anything your wearing along with the rich warm neutral tone, it is a classic. The finish is subtle and the texture is silky smooth. The application is the same as the usual polish, with a descent size brush, this polish, I think dries really quickly in comparison to the normal range. Although my nails did begin to chip after a day or two, I didn't use any protective coat, as I didn't want to lose the simplicity of the finish, which probably didn't help. I think its best not to use top coat unless it's a Matte formula, as you will lose the finish that the polish creates. I would love to try a few of the other shades as I love the finish. I am pretty sure Barry M will release more Matte effect nail polishes in 2014 and fingers crossed there will be some beautiful spring pastels!

Have you tried Barry M's coffee collection? What did you think?



  1. I like the colour but Matte finishes just aren't for me. It feels weird on my nails. :o(

    1. Oh no, i guess its still a novality for me. I have the Illamasqua Black matte nail polish & it looks pretty cool :)

      Becki xx


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