January 27, 2014


Morning ladies and gents. Eurg it's Monday morning hehe. As I would like to start writing some regular posts on LLP, I was thinking of writing a Nail of the Day post on a Monday. Manicure Monday and all hehe. I love painting my nails and without a doubt on a Sunday evening, siting in front of Mr Selfridge or watching those hunks in the new BBC drama, I will be with a new bottle of polish by my side. It is a little Sunday night ritual, a pre-week pamper before all the stress kicks in from the days ahead. 

This weeks nail of the day is a classic nude. I can't help it gals, I am on a boring neutral run at the moment, I don't know why but I just love the look of a nude nail. It's simple classy and perfect for work. My pick this week is a new one in my collection, that I bought from a Blog Sale for £1! Bargain and it also meant that I didn't have to step anywhere near a shopping centre or the shop that can't be named (yes, I have banned myself from Boots this month, my life sucks, feel sorry for me). 

This is my first polish from Models Own actually and I can't praise it enough. The bottles are a lot bigger than I thought, with 12ml of polish in them and the packaging is very simple and pretty. This shade on my nails is Nude Beige, the names of the two colours that seem to be on my nails at all times. This polish left my nails really shiny and dried just like any ordinary nail varnish. After two coats, I think my nails look amazing! Who needs to pay for a manicure, DIY folks.

I also wanted to add this picture in, as later in the day, I decided to have a little play around with a Barry M nail art pen, which I finally found after moving. Still, it is the most impossible thing to use when you are crap at using your left hand! Despite my inability to use my left hand in any sort of perfected drawing, I had a go and created a simple nail art affect. Inspired by an Instagram picture on Wahh nails, I really like the look. Rather Lana Del Ray I thought. I just drew a simple semi-circle at my cuticles and wah-la. OK it's not perfect but I am trying and from afar it looked pretty damn cool!

Have a lovely start to the week lovelies and I shall be posting up a rather drool worthy post on Wednesday!  See you then....


  1. lovely colour x


  2. Beautiful nude shade, you can't go wrong with it! :) I also tried to recreate these tips and failed miserably. But I keep telling myself that practice makes perfect! X


    1. I completely agree, I love a nude nail. This sort of shade goes great with my skin tone too :) Hehe keep trying! To be honest, my nails actually looked pretty good like this but it's still completely impossible on that other hand! Becki xx

  3. This is a gorgeous shade! I love nude polishes these days.
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

    1. Me too! You can't go wrong with a nude I always think :) Becki xx

  4. I love this colour Becki! So chic.

    I can't believe I've never tried a Models Own nail polish. I love their brushes (so cheap, so good!), so by conclusion, I've decided I need at least this shade in my life.

    Does that sound like a reasonable justification to you? ;)

    Oh, while I'm here... I got your email (thank you!) and I would love to be involved in the collab. I haven't replied yet as I have no idea what I'd write about (arrghh!) but I trust you'll come up with an amazing idea!

    Hope you're having a good week so far, hun.

    Faith xx

    @musicneyeliner // www.musicandeyeliner.co.uk

    1. Why thank you faith! Me neither, this was the first one I have tried and I got it at such a great price on a blog sale :) Jess has a few of there brushes too, she loves them!#

      Yay! I am still working on an idea for how to go about this idea but Ill try get as many bloggers involved as poss :) Love Becki xx


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