January 05, 2014


Welcome to a new kind of post on Life Looks Perfect! My first one is a long one but please stick with me till the end :) I promise it won't be like this every week, I just wanted to get this off my chest. Usually it will be a post where I will share my products of the week and chit chat about some of my favourite blog reads from the week. This one is a little different. I hope you will enjoy reading it, grab a cuppa and share the love...

Over the last week or so I have read quite a few posts that seem to have painted a rather tainted picture of the blogging world. I know I am still a newbie really, as this is my first year being part of the blogging community but in my eyes I have seen nothing but kindness to one another. Yes there will always been nasty people in this world, GossipGuru I am thinking and taking directly to you, don't give those sorts of websites the time of day. Me personally, I couldn't care less if someone hated my blog or judges me for what I post or how I write, as to be honest, they don't know me and I am so proud of everything I have achieved with LLP. (Well I assume there are no threads with my name on it, as nobody really knows who I am) Some may say I am lucky I am sure, though that's the problem with the Internet, there will be lovely people and the meanies! To anyone who has been hurt by these evil sites I please don't listen to a word they say, keep being nothing but yourself.

I know it's easy for me to just sit and write this, with you thinking well she must be 'little miss perfect' or 'you don't have a clue about the nastiness surrounding blogging' but my life hasn't been a walk in the park and I hate that people can't just leave us all alone, when we are all only doing what we love. I think a huge problem arises when we start sharing parts of our lives online. Just like many other bloggers that have shared snippets of their lives through their blogs, people can easily get the wrong impression or think they know everything about you but deep down we must always remember it's never the full picture. I think whatever is going on behind closed doors or if you choose to share your experiences on your blog, I have so much respect for you.

Lily Melrose's posted a very personal and frank article last week (you can read it HERE), which actually sparked me writing this new series and this little piece about the blogging world. Lily wrote about the lack of 'community' in blogging now along her own battles behind closed doors. I have so much empathy and love for not only Lily's blog but for sharing part of her life online. It must be difficult when you have been blogging as long as she has, seeing things change along with her profession becoming a hugely popular hobby and career. In the last year, I have read lots of bloggers sharing personal battles and parts of their lives with their readers, there is no right or wrong but if you decide to do this especially with such a large fan base as Lily has, people listen, support you but can also be very rude.

I did find myself also thinking late that night after reading Lily's post, about her unique views on the blogging community and if we really are forgetting why we first started. The thought of blogging becoming "stale" haunts me. Yes I love watching YouTube but is Vlogging really going to become the norm? Is it just me that thinks it's bizarre filming your life? Don't get me wrong, I am the first one to watch Vlogmas or be intrigued my certain peoples lives but I am pretty sure you wouldn't want to see my life, stuck at work, watching TV and living in my jammies! That is my life though and I think there is nothing wrong with that.
OK, before this becomes a huge essay, I think it's fair to say we could all sit and right these sorts of posts about how blogging has changed or what is wrong with the world but what are we all going to do about it! To be honest, I want to make a difference! 

The dream is to be part of a lovely community, which I think is already filled to the brim with amazing talented people. Yes we are all individuals but let's work together to keep blogging at it's best. Like I said at the beginning, (somewhere at the top, yes its a long one!) I have seen nothing but kindness to me and all of the lovely bloggers I have met over the past year, nevertheless lets keep blog love alive! It's so simple to do this, it could be through a comment on one of your favourite blog posts, a follow, a tweet, the way to share the love is endless and I promise you it will make a difference to someones day. 
Talking and connecting with people has been one of the best things that could have ever happened to me and I think is the key to keeping the blog community alive. Reading blogs and talking to other fellow bloggers, opened my eyes to others in similar situations to me, others that love the same things as me and most of all, there are other secret beauty addicts out there! Most of all, it made me realise that I am not alone. If we want to get this community kicking (and yes, I know it already is but some think not so) I can't express how important communication is in making the blogging world a happy, friendly and exciting place. Whether you have one follower, no followers or a thousand followers, it doesn't take up that much time to just engage and talk to each other.

I think we all need to start thinking positively surrounding our own blogs and the blogs we love to read everyday. I know so many of your blogs have inspired me, cheered me up when I am in a bad place, brought a smile to my face and certainly made me look a tad like the green eyed monster hehe! Bloggers be happy with everything you have achieved, written, photographed etc as taking the time to throw yourself into this large sea with thousands of fishes swimming around, you have created your own space to share with the world, be proud of it! Whether no-one, ten, twenty or a hundred people have read or heard of LLP, I know in myself that I feel happy and excited to write and learn new things every day and I am so lucky to have some of you lovely people along the journey with me.



  1. Great post- I totally agree, I hope that blogging keeps a sense of community as it's so fun to connect with other bloggers and support each other.

    Love your blog, I'm also from a blogging duo over at whatwewhere.com with my sister!

    Happy New Year!

    Beckie x


    1. Thank you Beckie, I will be checking out your blog asap with a cuppa! Sisters duos are the best! Thanks for commenting.

      Love Becki xox

  2. Lily Melrose's post really struck a chord with me too. I am also new to the blogging world but I too have only recieved kindness on the blog I run with my cousin (almost a sister blog, haha!). I totally agree that we should all reach out to one another more and support one another, and try to see this kind of thing more as a hobby than as a business, which is where I think some bloggers come unstuck and become over-competitive. Sorry for the essay of a comment!

    Rebecca, from A Little Bit of Glitter

    1. Thanks so much for your comment. I am not 100% why the post struck me too but I knew I wanted to speak out & say to anyone who reads this blog that it's all about communication, we are all human doesn't matter how 'big' our blogs are. Hope you liked the post :)

      Becki xx

  3. I honestly just found myself agreeing with everything you said in this post, Lily's post struck me too and I'm really glad you took the time to write this and share

    1. Thank you :) At least i am not alone in saying the things I have, lets hope 2014 brings lots of love & blogging happiness xox

  4. Couldn't agree more with this post! I know I started blogging to be part of the community and be able to share my interests with anyone who bothered to read them. I've never *touch wood* had a negative post on my blog but I get them on Instagram all the time and it definitely can be hard to deal with. It makes me sad that there are so many people out there so willing to just hurt someone just for the sake of it.
    Here's to hoping for a better future in the blogging community!! :)

    Deb | Debra Bros Blog

    1. Indeedy Debra! Lets hope people will start actually caring for the people they write about & start understanding that their negative comments only makes themselves look stupid!

      Becki xx


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