January 26, 2014


Morning all. Hope you are having a lovely weekend and if you weren't this little fella will cheer you up. This week Jess has been away, jet setting again with my Dad in America skiing. I didn't fancy going, as to be honest I am the laziest girl in the world. This week hasn't gone quite to plan with my glands swelling up on Monday, illness and anxiety don't go too well in my world, so I feel like I've fallen ten steps back. But on the plus side I have had some time to read blogs, find new reads and watch way to many hours of 90210, my new crap TV addiction. So on to dishing out some love...


This lady is one that I have been following for a while but this week, oh boy have I fallen in love with her blog. I am sure you would have certainly read Becky's blog Milk bubble tea. You might have made the connection why i have been drawn to Becky's blog and it is because she has recently been blessed with a little Black and Tan sausage dog named Oscar. I can't begin to share my love for how cute he is. As you will know, Jess and I adore dachshunds, so it is so lovely for Becky to share little Oscar on her blog. We have tweeted a few times this week, sharing cute little things that sausage dogs are known to do, like groaning when you pick them up if their asleep. Honestly it's the cutest sound. Sausage Dogs aside, I love everything about Becky's blog, the feel of it, her writing, the colours, her photography...I could go on and on. She has it, what ever it may be that just has me going back everyday. Milk Bubble Tea is just dreamy. If you haven't read her blog, you need to go have a scout now, your missing out and Becky, if your reading this ( and no I am not talking to myself hehe) the picture up there is what you have coming in the next year! The epic cuteness never stops.


This one might seem a bit random to you but I just wanted to share with you Calm.com. I originally found this website through watching Youtube pro Tanya Burr, as she often suffers from stress and anxiety. As soon as I had a little google, I knew this website would be my own little slice of calm. I have the ipad app and the website bookmarked on my laptop so whenever in need to take five, i can. the website basically in a nut shell helps to take your mind away from where ever or what ever is making you stressed through images, sounds and techniques to channel your energy your own space, your body and how it feels. To do this you can be talked through how to do this or simply learn the technique and do it yourself. With a calming voice and peaceful music, somehow I am whisked away from anything that's on my mind and into a place where I feel myself and I am aware of only me 'in the moment', as they like to say! I would give it a try if you need even just 2 minutes of calm in your day and if life gets too much just take some time for yourself. So thank you Tanya for sharing.

Whilst feeling a little under the weather, this lip balm came to my rescue. I suffer with such bad chapped lips for almost half of the year and this winter they are no better. Lucky for me, John kindly bought me a Nuxe Reve de Miel gift set and this lip balm was in the box, my prayers had been answered. I had heard of Reve de Miel lip balm through the blogging grape vine throughout the year, so I was thrilled to be able to give it a go myself. I had high expectations. Now I have only been using this balm this week but I can already tell it is different from anything I have tried before. Like it is supposed to be the balm is extremely hydrating, my lips have literally lapped it up. I really like the scent, as it is sweet with a slight hint of citrus and it's texture is unlike any other lip balm I have tried. It is firm, yet it melts as soon as it touches your lips. It is expensive compared to the majority, sometimes you just have to treat yourself and I know this balm will be in my handbag for a long time!


This week I have read so many amazing posts from beauty, cooking, fashion and lifestyle but there was one that really stood out for me and I think she is a great voice within the blogging community. The beautiful foxy lady Meg from Wonderful You, wrote an amazing honest post called  So your not drinking tonight? which I must say made me feel more normal than ever before. I am always the girl on a night out that orders a lemonade. For personal reasons and my emetophobia, I don't drink and shock horror, I have never been drunk. So when I'm out and about, I am the one who gets the funny looks and the 'so your not drinking tonight?' across the bar. Always thinking what to say to that question 'oh I'm driving' (I don't drive) or 'I'm pregnant' (not in this belly!)...I always wonder why do I even have to answer. I don't drink big deal! Meg's post was so lovely to read and for so many girls, to my surprise, are in the same boat as me. I am not alone when I think a night in my PJ's, cuppa in hand watching Finding Nemo isn't the best thing since sliced bread. I have always wanted to write about not drinking but never quite know how to but Meg's you wrote it in a nut shell and thank you so sharing sweety pie. 


I am not too sure what I have to be proud about this week apart from probably breaking the world record for the amount of hours I have spent wasting watching 90210 in a lepond print onsie (oh yes I am a sex goddess!) I really do have to thank everyone for the amazing support and love that you have given me on LLP 1st year blog anniversary. I can't believe how many of you have entered the #LLPGiveaway and I am so excited to pick a winner tonight after #bbloggers chat on twitter. If you haven't entered don't worry you still have time to. I am over the moon with hitting over 1k followers on twitter this week along with slowly building up a great following on bloglovin. I can;t believe I can chat to so many of you now.
I am really throwing my all into blogging at the moment, I hope it shows and that you have been enjoying all of my posts. If there are any specific posts or things that you would like to see on LLP please do comment below!  Don't be shy ladies and gents!

Looking forward to chatting to some of you tonight over twitter but from LLP, till tomorrow folks!


  1. I love the idea behind this post! I've not been drinking this month and have totally experienced that questioning look, so I have a great respect for you. Never will a judge a non-drinker again. Very glad I found your blog :)

    Ellie | mantrapixie.com | x

    1. Thank you Ellie, I really love writing these posts. Its all about sharing the love this year :) Lets hope i can keep it up! Thank you, some people find it so weird that I don't drink but to me its never been an issue. Becki xx


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