January 24, 2014


Just a short post today, as I have been falling behind this week with my planned posts, due to feeling like a hedgehog who is in hibernation! I wanted to share this post last week but completely forgot about it and so now it is my offering to you today. I am afraid I haven't taken any pictures of me wearing my usual wintry make up, just as my face looks so awful at the moment and I am in that womanly time of the month aka spot invasion!

I am not one for wearing too much makeup unless I have some serious spots to hide or I am going out on the town (ahum that never happens, cuppa & bed more likely!). These few products are my staples when it comes to my usual make up look. Keeping things simple I like to use Clarins Beauty Flash Balm, instead of a heavy primer, as it always keeps my skin hydrated and feels cooling underneath my foundation. Of course there is no other foundation other than my holy grail, Liz Earle Signature Foundation in shade 02 c/o. You know I don't need to proclaim my love for this one. It should be already known hehe. To add some subtle highlighting, I turn to one of the most versatile products that I keep in my make up bag and that is Becca Cosmetics Shimmering Skin Perfector in shade Opal c/o. This product works like a match made in heaven with my foundation. The two colours blend perfectly to highlight my cheek bones along with giving me a dewy healthy glow.

Speaking of healthy, I have become a bronzer lass. I never thought I'd see the day or that I could look bronzed without looking like a tangerine. With a touch of Becca Cosmetic's Mineral Bronzing Powder in Duende c/o, I suddenly become less corpse bride and finally look alive and well. Saying this, I am still looking as pale as a ghost typing away from my bed. You really appreciate how good it is to feel normal when you ill. Back to the make up that I am just about to put on my face to save myself from mopping around the house for the rest of the day! With a light dusting of Nars Orgasm on my cheek bones, I look ready to roll with a flawless complexion.

For my eyes, I use the lightest shimmery white shade in my Revlon Quad over my entire eye lid. Sometimes I use a thin line of eye liner over the top of this but unfortunately mine has just ran out so I am looking for a replacement. A rather new addition to my mascara collection has been this wee little sample of Benefit's BADgal Lash Mascara. I have so many mascaras and in comparison to the majority, BADgal mascara's wand is fricking huge. I know I like big lashes but this wand might even be too big for mine. The reason why I do like this mascara however it that it does separate my lashes really well and they look natural. This was only a mini sample so I have almost used it up now but I am glad I have tried it.

This one won't be obvious to you (not!) but this winter I have been loving experimenting with berry lipsticks. Usually I am just a pop of red gal but this Body Shop lipstick, sent within our lovely NY beauty exchange with Pass the Rouge last summer, is beautiful. This shade is from The Body Shop's Colour Crush collection and it is shade #335 Hot Date. It is a rich and warm dark Cranberry hue, with a satin finish. Against my skin tone it completely warms my complexion. I have loved wearing this lip shade through autumn and still into winter.

What have been your winter make up staples? Lippie colours your love?? Till Sunday Love #4...Have a lovely day folks.



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    1. If only they were my lips! Jess' infact hehe, I look so horrific at the moment I luckily found a snap of jess wearing the lippy :) Becki xx

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    1. Its defo an AW14 kinda shade! I love it and it's so moisturising too. Becki xx

  3. I've recently discovered how good Clarins Flash Balm is, worth the hype! x

    Roxanne | Sweet Style Beauty

    1. I really like it too, I like to mix it up sometimes instead of using a heavier primer. Becki xx

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  5. NARS Orgasm is a lovely shade but I've been loving NARS Sin for the winter!
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

    1. Ooo sounds lovely, I only own nars orgasm actually so I have just had to make do hehe Becki xx


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