January 03, 2014


I hope you get my sarcasm with the title. This Christmas was probably the best we have had in years. Since losing my Grammy four years ago, I have hated Christmas, as it has never been the same without her. But hey ho, we have to keep our chins up somehow even if you miss someone so much that it actually gets hard to breathe. This year, I think was one of those Christmas' that surprised us and we actually had fun!

My family it's only really includes Jess and I, the mothership along with a rather Scrooge like father, who this year decided to buy a huge Scalelectrix track, which turned out to be the life and soul of our Christmas. It's a small affair, quiet and a time for a while deserved break, as running two family businesses isn't a stroll in the park! But anyway, back to the title of this post. Well, I am that gal that is supposedly "hard" to buy for so Christmas becomes a nightmare for many, most of all my boyfriend John. However, with my beauty writing going from strength to strength, buying for me has becoming sufficiently easier as you may have noticed...

This gigantic display of goodness, is a collaboration of all the beauty inspired gifts I got from both family and John. Jealous much? I still can't bloody believe I was so lucky. With only suggesting a few skincare requests and donating Jess my £50 Space NK voucher, boy did everyone do well. John impressed me the most actually as his gifts were so thoughtful, with beauty products being the majority of my stocking, which for the first year out of four that he had ever bought my gifts without my watchful eye peering over his shoulder, he did good!

With only starting Life Looks Perfect a year ago this month with two novices, attempting to share everything that we love from beauty to fashion, I would have never thought, today in 2014, I would have such a passion for not only writing but beauty in general. And...I think by the huge majority of Christmas gifts you might have guessed it! Beauty addict in the making!

I was planning on writing a giant list of what I got but I think you can see from the photographs all the beautiful bits and bobs I got. I also don't want to bore you with a great great dad once removed, mother in laws step-auntie bought me...(only kidding, that was completely made up of you didn't guess!). You will probably see that most of the gifts are either skincare, bath and body or hair related. I am still not too much of a make up maven, skincare is where it's at!

So my last word is have a nosey at my Christmas stash and let me know what you got for Christmas below. I will be writing reviews of most of the gifts I got for Christmas over the next few months so keep an eye our Ladies and Gents. Enjoy! 

P.S. I did get a few Lush Goodies but I have to admit I have used them up already! Oh that Melting Snowman was DREAM!

P.P.S  Please don't read this post as me bragging in any way, honestly I was so overwhelmed this Christmas. With just 4 of us together, we tend to spoil each other, which four years ago was my Grammy's role. She was way too generous but being the lovely lady that she was, it was just her way of telling us she loved us.



  1. Wonderful, wonderful gifts! I'm really sorry about your grandma, but I'm happy to see that your family tradition continues and she probably whispered a suggestion or two to your boyfriend on what to get you. :) X


    1. Thank you so much lovely, means alot. Your comment made smile :) I wish she was whispering to John and telling him to do the blooming washing up hehe xx

    2. I'm happy to make you smile! :)
      LOL about a washing up :D X

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely Xmas - despite missing your beloved Gran x Its hard sometimes to celebrate when you miss loved ones so much x
    You received lots of nice gifts & I am looking forward to reading your reviews.
    Wishing you both all the very best for 2014. I hope your family business's go from strength to strength

    1. Thanks lovely, It was nice but I have lost too many amazing people in my life not to find Christmas alittle lonely. It's tough but I am lucky to have Jess, Mum and Dad.
      Becki xx

  3. lovely post!



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