February 26, 2014


Morning folks. Hope you are all well and enjoying the week. I had this post all ready and waiting last week to publish but on a whim, I decided to write my Could I be a Fashion Blogger? post, so I thought I would save it for now. As you might notice, my old blog layout is visible on my laptop, I could have re photographed these photos quite easily but to be honest, I quite like seeing how my blog used to look. I never took a screen shot or anything before I changed the blog and I kinda regret it now. I wanted to share these pictures, no matter how out of date they may seem but they show my blog history and they make me feel proud of what I have achieved and excited for what is to come for LLP.

As some of you may know, I moved out last September into a rented property. The problem with rented properties is the furniture usually. My house is a mix of awful cheap pine, miss mash ikea furniture and old vintage gems. Unfortunately I can't afford to deck out where ever I am living so rented furniture will just have to do. Lucky for me when we moved in I immediately spotted a beautiful mahogany vintage bureau in our dining room. After a few months, without a desk in my bedroom I realised that I needed somewhere to blog, typing over a computer on my bed equals mega back pain for me! So I stole the bureau and my life is complete! 

This bureau is stunning. It is quite small but perfect for a laptop, a cuppa and a few beauty products. It has sets of dinky draws and these gorgeous mini shelves to store all of my beauty bits that I am writing about that week. Of course, my desk has to have a Timothy Dunn London candle burning whilst I work. My favourite at the moment is Tiger Eye, orange blossom , jasmine and amber to warm me up of the night time. I couldn't be complete with out few vases of flowers too. Although I work with both our candles and flowers everyday, I am lost without them at home. I keep my favourite art work, that I have bought, a Tracey Emin mono print, which is always brings me inspiration and great memories of some of my favourite years at art college, along with a few knic knacks and a cuppa.

I hope you like an insight into my little world of blogging at home. For me it is a perfect area to stay focused, happy and without back pain! I am not sure how long this desk will stay like this, as last weekend I was pretty frivolous and bought myself a new Apple desktop, so I might blog my new beauty desk in a month or two once I have it all set up but for now this is my little slice of heaven. Have a lovely day folks and catch me on Friday sharing my last part of my Winter Skin Loves series.
Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox



  1. I love reading posts like this,your desk area looks so cute. :)


  2. So pretty, love the Harry potter is peaking out, girl after my own heart! :)
    xxx Claire

  3. Absolutely loved this post!
    You're making me wanna buy all you have on your pretty little desk! x


    1. Thank you, well of course I would say buy our candles hehe xx

  4. Love the bureau, and love that you have a little "office" space set up.


    1. Thank you, I think its a great find in a house full of crappy ikea furniture lol! Becki xx


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