February 19, 2014


Morning folks. Today's post is a little different. With London Fashion Week storming away and my Instagram feed being filled with fabulous looking people, I have been thinking alot about sharing some outfit posts on Life Looks Perfect, sharing my love for fashion. But of course it comes with some problems, let alone the confidence that I need, to get started!

I think it is easy these days, especially if you are part of the blogging community, to become caught up in trends, falling into the mind set that you have to buy the latest item. Yes for some, this is your job, as you are informing others of what you can buy now and what the latest look is. For fashion bloggers, it must so hard to always be updating, buying and choosing outfits to shoot. I think there is such a huge a pressure to 'look' good these days, with all the negativity and trolling going about, you are always bound to hear rude and uncalled for comments about yourself. None which are ever true may I just add!

I think my real love for fashion started from University. I attended Goldsmiths in East London, where some of my idols like Damien Hirst and Vivienne Westwood attended. It was a uni that let you be who ever you wanted to be and where you could express yourself whether that be through fashion, the arts or music. People looked crazy, I'm not going to lie but to me, I thought it was amazing that you could dress how ever you wanted, not just like the manikins in Primarks windows, well you know what I mean. I felt inspired. Now I look back at those three years, being in East London, certainly had it's perks! If you haven't been down Brick Lane on the weekend, it is a must! Amazing Vintage shops, clothes for all sorts of styles- punks, goths, 50s, 60s, 00s you name it East London has it. I think since then, I have lost myself somewhere...

Going shopping has it's many problems for an anxious bean like me. On a bad day, I can hardly make it to work let alone think about going into the outside world. Shopping has been put on hold but back in the day, it would be something I do on any spare minute of the day. Now things are different, I have grown to learn that I have to try and make do with what I have. Don't feel sorry for me, by the way, as I sure know how to shop online!

My wardrobe is pretty basic but I do have quite a love for printed trousers. Some may call them silky PJ's, I know a few have actually when I have been out. I like to call it trend setting hehe! I love wearing what I like, when I like. Fashion definitely is all about my mood and shows how I am feeling. When I am having a good day, I piece some loud prints together and stay clear of black. Where as, lets be honest on an everyday, I only wear black and on a bad day, well lets just say my PJ's stay on!

Since dealing with anxiety, I think it has been clearer, more than ever, that it is silly to just keep buying and buying new pieces all the time to keep up with the trends. I think its important to create your own style. Buy items that will last, items that can be moulded to a trend and pieces that will be core to your wardrobe forever, not just in 2014. I say try out new pieces together, mix and match and create outfits that to some, they may seem crazy but you love them.

This brings me onto how the hell, I can start introducing fashion onto Life Looks Perfect. When this blog was written by both Jess and I, it became easy to snap a few pics here and there of outfits, trips out etc but now I've gone solo, what are the complications of fashion blogging? Will I need equipment? As I know for sure, I won't be passing my camera over to John (The Boy) as it will end up falling into a river or something! So Ladies and Gents, help me out, give me some insiders advice on how to get snap happy and sharing with you some of my favourite outfits.

Thank you for reading and please do help me out peeps! Leave me a comment below or drop me a tweet :) To all those ladies and gents at LFW - damn you biatches *as I am typing , I am in Pjs not planning on getting dressed* hehe!

Hugs & Kisses
Becki  xox



  1. Love this post!

    John xx

  2. I got my boyfriend to take photographs of me when I wanted to do a post showcasing my newest bag - he did a good job, but it perhaps wasn't the images I was hoping for and maybe I'll reshoot them again some day! I think it's best to invest in a tripod and a camera remote so you can set up and take photographs yourself :)

    But don't worry about having an exciting back drop or having to lug your equipment with you everywhere; as long as I can see the outfit, I don't mind where it is! :) I look forward to seeing them if you decide to go ahead with it! :)


    1. I think I might give John a few photography lessons before I get him to have a go at an outfit shoot I am DEFO quite nervous about posing hehe xx Becki xx

  3. My boyfriend is amazing and takes all my photos. When I first started, he'd never used a DSLR before.

    On shopping: Don't buy anything you don't love and never feel pressured to look like the other girls. It's all about who you are and your personal style. I would love to see some outfits in the future!

    1. You lucky thing you must have a keeper. I am all about personal style. I love being individual :) thanks for the comment lovely. Becki xx

  4. You could totally be a fashion blogger wifeyroo! You're too beautiful not to be xxx

  5. This is such a great post, so open and interesting... I'd love to see some fashion!


  6. You should definitely post more outfits Becki, I'd love to see more of your style! I'd definitely engage boyfriend or get acquaited with a tripod. But real person is always 10000% better. X


    1. Thank you honey, I am pretty nervous about it but I am guna have a go! Let's hope it works out! Becki xx

  7. Definitely do it!!! In regards to taking photos, I'd recommend buying a remote control for your camera(http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ir-wireless-remote-control-Nikon-ML-L3-D3000-D3200-D5000-D5100-D40X-D70-uk-sell-/251327744294?pt=UK_Photography_DigitalCamAccess_RL&hash=item3a844d0926) I got mine from ebay and it's brilliant! It makes self portraits so much easier!

    Also, a 50mm lens is really great for portrait photos, as well as putting the setting on (AV) or (A) as it gives the best photo quality for outside photos.

    All the best love!

    1. Thank you honey! I am defo going to get a wireless clicker thing to start me off! Love Becki xx

  8. fashion blogging is definitely a hassle without someone taking your photos. many people use tripod remote, but it limits you with general photography quality compared to having a photographer. I am in a similar position. As far as shopping goes, I agree with you. I think it is unnecessary to keep up with trends. Rather build up a solid basics wardrobe that is quality and from time to time play with a few trends that suits you.


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