February 12, 2014


Morning wonderful people. Yes I am here with my very own Valentines Day post. I said I wasn't going to write a post about this silly day of love but I had to share two very important campaigns that I think are worth you spending your money on and being part of this February. I won't make it too soppy but I am sure you will agree with me that they are worth while and an amazing way to spread the love this month.

To start with, I wanted to share with you a campaign that I am actually working on with Breast Cancer Care. As you may know, one of our family businesses is Timothy Dunn London, a candle & fragrance brand made all by us lovely lot. Both Jess and I work for this company and have seen it grow from strength to strength. Since launching in 2012 have always wanted to work with a charity that is close to are hearts and use our name to help raise money for charity. With the history of cancer running oh so close to our hearts over the last 5 years, losing very close family members and friends, we wanted to make a candle for Breast Cancer Care. For this we turned for some inspiration from my trekking superstar Mooma and created our Pink Blue Rose luxury candle. 

With such a close relationship to BCC, they asked us if we would like to be part of their big campaign this February called Buy It With Love. I loved the idea and with Mother's Day and the big day of love coming up, I couldn't think of a better way to raise money for such a worth while cause. So for the next two months, we at Timothy Dunn London are donating 10% to BCC for every sale of our Pink Blue Rose luxury candle, Mille Fleurs Home candle and Violette de Lune Diffuser. We are of course one of many brands that are taking part including Crabtree & Evelyn and one of my favourite beauty brands Balance Me. I think before you go buy some silly nonsense for your loved one, make a difference and support this great campaign. You can head over to our website www.timothydunnlondon.com if you would like to buy something smelling yummy or www.buyitwithlove.com for the full listings of brands that are taking part. It would be incredible if you could donate or buy something lovely for your loved one this valentines day that might just make a difference to someones life.

My second campaign is a tad different. Lush will always be a brand that I believe in, their ethics and quality of their products is second to none. This year Lush have launched a worldwide campaign to create a petition photo book to send to Russia on Valentines day showcasing thousands of pictures of men and women wearing a pink triangle on their skin. This triangle represents Lush's powerful campaign showcasing the thoughts felt deeply by myself "We believe in love for everyone, between everyone". Of course this relates to the bill, passed in Russia, that bans "propaganda of no traditional sexual relations to minors"...yes we live in a world that speaks about other humans like this! A country that makes it illegal to show your love to the person you love of the same sex, is horrific. I still can't believe that the Winter Olympics in a country with a law that makes being gay in public illegal and I pray for the safety of our UK team. 

Everyone needs to stand against this law. Lush ask for you to be part of their campaign and send them a photo via twitter, Facebook and Instagram with a pink triangle to show a #SignOfLove. I think this is such a great campaign and I am sure, if you are in love with Lush like me and disgusted by laws that go against the LGBTQ community, you will be down in store or at home, taking part in this campaign. If you are free on Friday you can join Lush and their team in London for a huge Valentine's Day Carnival 'For Russia, With Love' at the Russian Embassy from 12-2pm.

I hope you liked reading my alternative Valentine's post today and that you might #BuyItWithLove and share your very own selfie with your #SignOfLove with Lush. Till Friday folks, have a lovely love filled day & do what's right!

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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