February 03, 2014


Morning folks. I hope you had a lovely weekend. The sunshine was lovely yesterday in London, although I must say I enjoyed it from in my cosy bed! Not such the productive day as I thought I was going to have but hey I managed to get this post ready for you lovely lot so that's a bonus!

My nail of the day today is a new one in my collection, another blog sale polish. Over the last year or so I have found love for the colour orange, let's say it's grown on me. With my favourite nail colour of 2013, being Rimmel's 60 second Instyle Coral, since then i have found myself picking up a few different tones of this fab bright 70s classic. My NOTD nail varnish is from Collection 2000 in Soft Peach. It is a lovely pastel orange with a slight pearlescent shimmer to it. The colour would look great on tanned skin and even for me aka whiter than white, it's a very elegant shade. As this polish is from Collection's Lasting Gel Range, the polish has a beautiful glossy shine to it and lasts very well. I only used two coats for my nails but I think for many, you might prefer three as the polish is quite transparent. 

One thing I wanted to just point out about this polish was how fab the actual brush is. This is the first nail varnish I have bought from Collection 2000 but I am pleased to say this one has a perfect flat rectangular applicator. Named the "easy wide brush", I can paint my nails in almost one swoop. I am forever praising Rimmel's 60 second brush, as for my square shaped nails, the brush fits like a glove and this applicator is exactly the same. For a blog sale bargain, I couldn't be any happier.

Have a fab week fellow beauty lovers and I shall be back on Wednesday with my January favourites! Till then folks...


  1. Such a pretty colour xo


    1. I can't wait to wear it in the summer on holiday (lets hope!) xxx


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