February 24, 2014


Morning Ladies and Gents. Now, who indulged in the Models Own 50% sale a few weeks ago? I did! I couldn't help myself. In my massive purchase, I picked up a few of the new HyperGels, which my nails haven't been getting on with for some reason but I need a bit more time to play around with those but in the mean time, I chose a nice selection of Spring colours as well. 

One of the polishes that I picked purely on it's heavenly hue is Apple Pie. Part of Model's Own Fruit Pastel range, hence the name to go with, this polish also has the added extra of it's very own Apple Pie fragrance. The 'perfume', if you can call it that, is just a really sweet essence of apple, which smells better than the usual toxic nail polish scent that always makes me cough for some reason! Now to the real reason I bought this shade, the colour. I am a sucker for a pastel mint, I must literally have ever pastel minty polish from ever nail varnish brand and this one is an amazing addiction. I like this one for its creamy-ness. The only criticism I have for this polish is the application. You need at least two coats, as the first coat is extremely streaky and by the time the second coat goes on, unless you are seriously skilled at applying a perfect layer, the edges can become a tad messy. On some nails I even added an extra layer. However, I can't wait for Spring to finally be here and this polish will sure be on my nails in the sunshine, with it's gorgeous glossy shine.

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox



  1. Is it wrong that I am now hungry? :D

  2. Love this colour, it's one of my favourites, even though you do have to work with the formula :)
    xxx Claire

    1. Me too, although the formula sucks a bit, I really love the out come with the colour :) Becki xx

  3. Yum yum, I need to dig it out from my stash - I think I never used it - yet! X


    1. Why do i have a feeling you own the greatest nail polish collection! I do love this shade Becki xx

  4. Oh my goodness, this polish is so beautiful! Happy to have stumbled across your blog, you have a new follower in me! Gorgeous photos. T xx


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