February 07, 2014


Morning Ladies and Gents. Welcome to my first empties post of 2014. As I haven't done one of these posts in an awful long time, I had a lot of products filling up my empties box. Without boring you to death I decided to slim my collection down to a few products that, well to be honest, I am gutted to have finished. They are all skincare items but that isn't easy to guess why. #SkincareAddict! I have written a mini review on each product for you as I think they are all definitely worth a try.
First up is Aveda's Botanical Kinetics skin firming toner. I have been using this product for well over 4 months now. It was my go to toner and my skin just loved it. For normal to dry skin, I would use this toner after my exfoliating toner, which usually is Pixi Glow Tonic, and add a few spritz to my clean skin. One of the reasons I liked this toner in particular was refreshing its botanical scent and it's hydrating qualities. The scent is a lovely edition as its delicate rose fragrance, sure does wake me up in the mornings. In no circumstances did this toner ever dry out my skin. Although the toner does contain a small percentage of alcohol, it is right down the bottom of the ingredient list, which is OK by me.
Another face product that I used literally every day since receiving it from the lovely Vicki from Lets Talk Beauty blog, is Balance Me Radiance Face Oil c/o. Gifted to me to try out, it's cute roller ball applicator was a hit for me instantly. Sometimes I hate getting oil all over my hands before bedies and this roller ball glided onto my skin with no fuss or mess. With 100% natural oils, this oil promises radiance and smoothing affects on your skin, well I can say it did just this. This oil, significantly took down some of the redness in my skin, especially where I have scarring due to blemishes and acne. The oil is a real treat for your skin, filled with Moringa oils and the soothing qualities of chamomile and camellia, I can't think of any better way to give back to your skin. I used this roller ball mainly at night, as my skin doesn't go too well with oils in the day even though this product is suitable for all skin types and for both morning and night, it is your own preference.
I know I have mentioned previously that I have suffered with acne scaring and quite regularly suffer with breakouts, so in order to try and fight these, I like to use spot correctors. Whether this is in the format of a spot treatment, which you use specifically onto your spots or skincare that helps battle the breakouts, I feel I have tried the lot. One skincare product, I tested was Stila's light source spot corrector and brightening serum c/o. This light rose scented serum helps to heal acne scars and evens out redness, which is something I have always suffered from. I don't think this serum had a dramatic impact on my skin in the end but I do think it helped brighten my skin along with keeping breakouts at bay.
Now I had to share with you my thoughts on Vichy's Idealia moisturiser c/o, even though I tried a sample size from the latest British Beauty Blogger, it slotted straight into my skincare routine at Christmas and I haven't written about it since using it all up. This moisturiser feels light on your skin and smooth as a babies bottom. I thought that this cream illuminated my skin and gave me a healthy glow and I didn't experience any breakouts. Lucky for me, for Christmas Vichy kindly gifted me a full size, so although I've finished this mini size, I have a back up ready and waiting to be used.
My final face product is a great mask from Liz Earle. I have mentioned this Intensive Nourishing Treatment Mask c/o a few times as this winter, it has been a must have. This mask helps to nourish your skin whether your feeling stressed, looking tired aka moi or battling against the cold. It has lots of lovely ingredients including Shea butter, geranium essential oil, borage and Hypericum, which help to heal and protect. I love settling down once a week and layering this mask on and let it soak into my skin, as it's texture is like a very rich moisturiser.
Laura Mercier is one of those brands that you know is going to be a luxurious treat. Featured recently in my 2013 bath and body favourites, I finally finished their Almond Coconut Milk Body Butter. Now where to start! This body butter is heavenly. It's texture is rich, hydrating and filled with gorgeous smelling ingredients such as sweet almond oil, coconut oil and Honey. A match made in heaven right?

Kiehl's Creme de Corps scent is a classic, much like the Laura Mercier body butter, I bet there are very few people who wouldn't fall for this best selling range from Kiehls. I know I was sucked in as soon as I had a whiff. Gutted once again that I finished this product, meet Kiehls Creme de Corps Body Polish. Ideal for dry skin, this body polish doesn't only gently scrub away dead skin, it also hydrates, due to its nourishing list of ingredients such as Shea Butter,  Honey and Almond oil. I am not shy of admitting I have a bit of a thing for honey in beauty products and this scrub just had to be mine. It is expensive for a scrub but it lasted me a really long time and I was actually excited to use it every week! Yes I am easily pleased :) this scrub was amazing to use before applying lots of Laura Mercier's lovely body butter.

There you have it, mini reviews of my favourite empties over the last few months. I am sure sad to have finished these lot but I have so many products to try and test, I prefer to finish a whole product instead of wasting them. So expect a few more empties posts this year. Till Sunday lovelies...

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox



  1. Oooh these all look so good, such a good review and some great products that I have to check out

    Please come check out my latest post if you have time :)

    Fragile Bird | www.fragile-bird.blogspot.co.uk



    1. Thank you Helen, Yes they are a group of fabulous products! I would defo recommend Aveda's toner if you havent tried it! Becki xx

  2. You have been busy using up a serious amount of skincare products. I love the satisfaction of using up a product.
    Kiehl's Creme de Corps is my all time favourite body lotion & every now & then I treat myself to a tube

    1. These products do go back quite a way. Since blogging alone, I hadn't done an empties in a while, so just picked my favs really :)
      Becki xx


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