February 02, 2014


I love capturing moments like this. It's not been the best of weeks in London with rain, cold winds and freezing temperatures, I've wrapping up and jumping on the spot just to keep warm. I have never minded the rain though, as it kinda relaxes me these days ( as long as I am inside listening to it,instead of out in it!). Finally my little stinky* is back in my life (*that's Jess by the way), it has been so strange without her and I finally feel more myself when she is around even if she makes me look whiter than white! it has been a tad dramatic this week, with one of my close friends at work handing in her notice and worst of all I had no idea she was going to do it. It's always the problem with family business' it's hard to be close to someone as when they leave, you can't help but to take it personally. So enough of my rather dull and depressing week...here's to some love.

# bloglove

I have been no stranger to blog reading over the last few years, even before starting up LLP. One of the blogs that always takes me back right to where my love first started, is Marianne from Esme and the Laneway. This lady is my ideal woman, a vintage lover, incredible red hair and all round an absolute beaut! I love her photography of bits and bobs, food and fashion. I have to admit though, since starting LLP and becoming a beauty blogger fanatic, I forgot about Marianne's blog and I feel like I missed out on a huge chunk of her life but I am so happy to now have it back on the top of my daily reading list. One of the main reasons that always has me coming back to this blog, is the fact that when it is winter here (doom and gloom) it is Summer in Melbourne, where Marianne lives. This means, happy, sunny and gorgeous photographs are always there to brighten my day! 

This week, with Jess back and all, I haven't actually had the time to catch up with some of my favourite Youtubers but instead I have to admit I have been obsessively watching The Great Interior Design Challenge. It has always been a huge passion of mine to become an interior designer, even from a child, I had always dreamt of having it as a career. As soon as I realised how good a florist I am and that really I just wanted to be part of both my family business', my dream has slightly fallen away. I think I am lucky to have an eye for interior design, it is something that comes naturally to me and even in my own bedroom, a simple lamp will inspire me to decorate my whole room in which ever theme would suit. A dream to decorate my own house in the future, hopefully will become a reality. As I am living in a rented property at the moment with Jess, it is always so hard to make the house your own. However with lots of accessories and a few of my Tracey Emin prints have finally made my room, feel like my own. I would certainly give this program a watch if you love Changing Rooms, DIY SOS & Grand Designs! 

So here begins me slowly working my way through my much loved and treasure Christmas gifts! Since Christmas, I made it one of my new year resolutions to start moisturising everyday. I usually am good with this but sometimes I am just lazy and too sleepy after a night time shower that I end up forgetting and curling up to sleep instantly. Throughout January, I have been doing really well and boy does it show, by the amount of products I have ended up finishing already.
A duo that I have been loving this week is from Dirty Works and was bought for me by my Mooma. What seems like a while back now, I have been using this duo since the start of January. New Year, New Body wash and all that jazz. With  similar branding to the much loved Soap & Glory, I really like Dirty Works, fun and fuss free approach to body care. Not only does this range smell lovely the products are great too, let alone an affordable price. All of a Lather, their body wash and Supreme Cream weigh in just under £7. The body wash lathers really well in the shower and leaves my skin feeling perfectly clean. The shower gel is blue, so don't be alarmed if it looks like jelly! Supreme Cream, is a sweet perfumed body butter that is best applied on damp skin. The cream leaves you feeling soft and supple and not greasy,however the texture is a little thin for these Winter months, so I like to mix up with other moisturisers each day. I can imagine this would be great for those summer months, when all you need is a little rub down ;).


I was lucky enough this week to receive an amazing package from Escental.com, that contained the infamous Bioderma! Now to my surprise, I literally grabbed the bottle and jumped up and down as if I had won first place at the London 2012 Olympics. You see, I have never tried Bioderma before, I feel like I might be the last beauty blogger to do so! When Lily Pebbles posted  Bioderma vs L'oreal Skin Perfector last Friday, I have to say I was more than intrigued to find out what Lily had to say, as I always trust her recommendations. When I read Lily write that L'Oreal skin perfector doesn't quite stand up to the holy grail of Micellar waters, the famous Bioderma, I knew I needed to try it! A huge thank you for sending me Bioderma Escental! I will be writing up my own thoughts on the product in a few weeks but I wanted to just pass on this post for anyone who hasn't made the jump to Bioderma, like me and needs some convincing. I know I was and now I can put it to the test myself!


As I said earlier it hasn't been the best of weeks for me. This week has had it's ups and downs from both my work and personal life but I have to admit, having Jess back has more than made up for it. I think Jess is really a part of me, my soul mate, if that can even exist within your own family. We are both very different and have our own personalities, however when we are together we just fit, we bring the best out of each other, constantly laughing, having fun and chatting away to each other. I don't know what I would do without her- she just gets me. So my loving life this week has been catching up with Jess...oh and dancing around our house to the loudest music ever, where I learnt that I can twerk baby! 
I hope you have had a lovely weekend and I look forward to speaking to a few of you over on the #bbloggers chat tonight! Till then folks...


  1. I have Dirty Works face mask and it's really nice, maybe next time I'll get some more skincare; )


    1. I haven't tried any of their skincare, just tried these two for the first time this year :) Becki xx

  2. I have never read Esme and the Laneway. before - I am going to pop over now.
    I am so bad at Twerking - even though I have been practising

    1. Oh Vicki it is such a beautiful blog! Haha my twerking was terrible but just between me and you, I didn't actually know what it was until Jess pointed it out to me lol! Old granny I am! Becki xx


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