February 09, 2014


Morning folks. Well what a week of rain and crazy winds here in London. I don't know about you but I have spent my whole week inside hibernating! This week has been an odd one, as we have had to make lots of changes at work and I am now back on the flower side. I'm a lady of many trades, so it wasn't too much of a shock but my time has certainly been filled. Thank goodness I had the weekend off!
Next week is the week of luuurrvvv. I am not going to lie, I think Valentines day is a pile of bull crap. I mean why do you need one day to show someone how much you love them. I try to tell everyone I love (including Leonardo di Caprio) that I love them everyday. I had written a big Valentines day gift guide for you lovely lot this week, but you may have heard over twitter I just hated it. I felt like I was lying to myself by promoting bundles of gifts that even I thought were just ridiculous. However I have written about two amazing campaigns that I have come across this Valentines Day that I will be posting next week and I think are worth while things to support this month. To my loves this week...

# bloglove

Sometimes I think it's easy to forget how scary it can be to have your face plastered all over your blog and more than anything, the confidence to do it. I know I have certainly been hiding my face from LLP, as I just look awful! Whether it's the fact I don't have the selfie skills or that I just look rubbish on camera, who knows but I'd rather keep my face off LLP homepage for a while. 
However in saying this, two of my favourite reads at the moment Amy from Srslylou and Rebecca from From Roses, showcased their beautiful faces on their blogs this week, with a gorgeous make up look. I envy these ladies, as not only do I think they look amazing, they too share their funny light hearted approach to sharing a photograph of themselves online, making me feel less alone in the fact it is quite strange throwing yourself out there for the world to see. With Amy chatting about her top lip being  "lip equivalent of Lord Voldemort's nose" and Rebecca and her "chronic bitch face" made me love these two even more (neither I agree with by the way as these two ladies are beauts in my eyes!). 

Sometimes bloggers make it seem so easy to take professional pictures of themselves. I sure know from experience that I have ended up taking hundreds of pictures and not one of them even being remotely 'me' like. I think taking pictures of myself for the blog might just be something you get used to but for now I commend these two and I think you need to have a read of their blogs and share the love, as they are fantastic.

This week I haven't had alot of time to catch up on Youtube videos, as that is usually my lazy Sunday routine. One video that I thought was a genius tutorial and a daily must have was from Essie Button, a Youtube pro. I have loved watching Estee for so long now, she always makes me giggle and her videos are so uplifting, if your having a blue day. She is certainly an enabler and I trust her opinions completely on beauty. I also have to share with you, how much I love her style for furniture. I have always been in love with anything vintage and in the background of her videos I always envy some of her furniture pieces! 
One of her videos this week, I thought a great idea for a tutorial- How to use Dry Shampoo. I have been trying my best to start styling my hair, as I still haven't made the chop yet. Dry Shampoo is a girls best friend I think, especially when you have long hair like me and it gets weighted down throughout the day. Estee gave a few ways of using Dry Shampoo along with some great product suggestions. I know now I certainly have Dove's Dry Shampoo on my wish list! It seems like the ideal product. Thanks Estee for all the tips and now I have made Dry Shampoo'ing an art!


I am still have hair dramas peeps. So many of you responded to my To Chop or Not to Chop and I thank you all so much. However, like I said just a second ago, I still haven't made the chop! One downer of me not getting my hair cut, is the poor condition it is in! My ends are dry and the knots...oh boy the knots in my hair are awful! I feel like I am ripping my hair out. 
To help this problem and get my hair back on track, I have been using Percy and Reed's Totally TLC Hydrating Masc/o. Used as a hydrating mask for a quick and simple way to rescue your hair from dry ends,  Percy and Reed have got it so right. All you have to do is cover your hair in this creamy treatment and pop on the beautiful rather fetching shower cap, designed by Jessica May Underwood and bobs your uncle, your hair is nourished and healthy. Obviously you have to wash off and at some point you have to remove the sexy bonnet (ladies it's not for wearing outside now!) After the treatment, my hair feels so silky and nourished, which makes a change from my split ends and knotty hair. As this pot is only 175ml and I have Rapunzel hair, I have only been able to get 3 uses out of it but it's well worth it ladies.


My written love is a rather biased one this week. I have spoken to Vicki from Let's talk beauty via twitter since the very early beginnings of LLP. A lovely, kind and talented blogger, Vicki this week featured me in a fabulous "sharing the love" blog post Blogger Love . I loved reading this post and checking out all of Vicki's favourite reads and have certainly added a few to my bookmark list. I think this is such a lovely tag to pass around the bloggingsphere and I would love to write it myself. Thank you Vicki for writing such a lovely few words about me and you know I am always here for you and one day we must meet :).


This week I literally haven't done anything to feel good about! The most exciting part of my week was probably having the time to do some blogging. Sometimes it's the simple things that make you happy and I know for me, a cuppa and packet of biscuits and my laptop is heaven. Peace and quiet, time for myself.
I do hope you have had a lovely weekend folks! Till tomorrow's Nail of the Day.

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox



  1. Thanks for mentioning me - your are also far too kind x

    Amy / srslylou

    1. My pleasure lovely lady! I adore your blog Becki xx

  2. I love this Sunday series, I have been discovering lots of new reads& products. Thank you for mentioning my blog xx

    1. Thats ok Vicki, I love your blog and I had to include you- your so lovely to me :) Becki xx


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