February 23, 2014


Morning Folks! Welcome to the new and improved Life Looks Perfect. I decided to have a full mix up and change around of my blog on Wednesday night in front of the Brits and didn't I do well! Not to blow me own trumpet and all but HTML is an alien language to me and to have achieved a brand new blog layout with just me and my old friend Google, I am mega proud. Now to today's special Sunday Love. 

If you didn't read my Wednesday post this week, linked HERE, I decided to write about not only my love for fashion but asked you, my lovely readers, your advice with becoming a fashion blogger. I think it is super scary throwing yourself out there in the blogging world, with your own looks and personal style and the worry that it might be criticised. I think for me, it is something that I will have to do in my own time but to you who have supported me by commenting and giving me your honest advice, means the world to me. As promised, I have decided to use my usual Sunday Love format and share some love to all the fabulous fashion bloggers out there! There are so many I read on a daily basis that I hope I have managed to fit you all in. Sorry beauty lovers, next weeks Sunday Love, will go back to beauty, beauty and even more beauty. For now enjoy...

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I am not sure where to even start on this one. I guess it's best to start at the beginning where my love for reading fashion blogs started and that was the incredible lifestyle blog written by my mega blog crush James from Bleubird Blog. This lady has it all, stunning photography, a beautiful family, rather hunky husband and insanely good content. For me it has always been James that steals the show with her individual vintage style and I know if I ever become a mum, I want to be like her! She's a beaut!

Next up is a blog that really was a huge inspiration to me back I'm January last year when Jess and I decided to start this blog, it comes to know surprise I am sure that the two beautiful sisters who wrote A Beautiful Mess, are one of my favourites. Again, fabulous vintage style, paired with a collection of drop dead gorgeous shoes and fun photography, these ladies inspire me even to this day. There blog makes me want to get creative and build my own home!!

Now to a lady who might just be the most beautiful thing walking on the planet, with once again insanely good style is Chiara Ferragni The Blond Salad. I hope it's not just me but I drool over this blog. The fashion, designers, colours, patterned let alone the most incredible fashion photography almost ever day- this blog whisks me away to a fashion paradise. 

To the ladies from the UK who inspire me and are my everyday must reads. First up is the sexy Leanne from Thunder and Threads. This girl is the girl that I would like the confidence to be. She oozes individuality and style that only Leanne could pull off. No one styles black, a pair of doc martins and a hot bod like Leanne. I am so excited for this gal as I am sure she is going to be huge in the fashion world, if she isn't already to be honest! 

If I could look as cool as Amy from The Little Magpie everyday, I would be one happy lady. For some reason my beachy hair looks like a haystack and when I rock Matalan clothes, I look like I've just walked off from the Jeremy Kyle show. This lady has style with a capital S and sure knows how to piece together a look that is fit for the catwalk. Her blog is quite a recent find for me, so I look forward to learning more and seeing more of Amy's style.

Only in my dreams I would ever be able to rock an impeccable up do and a girly vintage frock, where as Olivia from What Olivia Did and Carrie from Wish Wish Wish do it on a regs and look AH-mazing!!! These two girls are stunning, with their delicate and classic makeup, serious skills in the hair department and fun loving style, I can never go away from their blog without wanting to pop on a vintage dress from the back of my cupboard and pop on some Mac Ruby Woo. Their style is something out of a Hollywood movie and their blogs are in one word dreamy. I have always been a vintage kinda gal but these two make vintage relevant out of today's high street and I love it!


Clashing colours. Baggy Jumpers. Bold Prints. Cosy Socks. Girly Dresses. Black Beanies. Disney PJ's. Vintage Shops. Designer Handbags. Boyfriend Fit. Nike Hightops. Monochrome Outfits. Statement Necklaces. Flat Shoes. Vivienne Westwood. Layering Tops. Printed Suits. Fluffy Fur. Oversized Coats. Cute Collars. Spring Pastels. 'Rebecca' Necklace. High Waisted. 


I found this one a little tricky as I don't tend to watch many fashion videos on YouTube, yep you guessed it I am addicted to beauty vids but when I do indulge a little I love watching Lily Melrose Fashion hauls and look books. Lily's style is Lily. Everything she wears, you just know she chose and her love and skills at rocking a monochrome outfit most days always inspires me to think what I could do with my wardrobe. I think for me, she is by far the greatest enabler when it comes to clothes. Her hauls always involve high street stores that are affordable to all and she always finds a gem. I can't stand Primark these days but when Lily pops in there she always finds the most amazing pieces that certainly gives me a little push to go and brace the crowds and ques!

Another quick mention is Zoe from previously named The London lipgloss, soon to be changed to Zoe London. I have read Zoe's blog since the early days and I am always envious of her mermaid hair and bold style. It is Zoe's Lookbooks that if you haven't seen, you have to go check them out. They are so professional and are filmed with some serious skills. Hurry up Zoe, I miss your writing and blog in my life.


This love was a tough one for me, as I think some fashion blogs are amazing to look at but when it comes to writing, I don't necessarily connect to the writing or enjoy it as much as I do with beauty blogs. This probably is due to the fact that I am forever wanting to know about the latest lippie rather than the latest trend. These next three ladies keep their readers fully engaged in their thoughts and writing along with their personal style. All beautifully talented ladies, Gem from Gem with love, Megan from Briar Rose blog and Meg from Wonderful You are the creme de la creme, with a perfect pairing of lifestyle and fashion. Each with their own unique style, they share parts of their lives with their readers along with some beautiful fashion photography. I think through their blog, their personality shines and I would love to have the chance to sit and have a cuppa and a slice of cake with them all.


So for me this week and after thinking about all of these wonderfully talented fashionistas, I have to say that my fashion love this week was a huge ASDA direct shop, enabled by a little missy over on Milk Bubble Tea blog. I treated myself to a whole load of new PJs, which I really needed in my life, two new bedding sets and some fabulous trainers that were a total bargain at £14! Yes that is them up there! However my Pjs have to be the highlight, all which were highly suited for my age, cue the Snoppy and Kitten pair along with oh the adore pair with a deer on it. I am always going to be a PJ gal, so maybe fashion blogging PJ's might just be a new trend! Have a fabulous Sunday and I hope you get the chance to have a read of all these wonderful ladies blogs.

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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