February 21, 2014


Morning Folks. Part two of my Winter Skin series and we have a topic that I am not exactly fond of - feet! It's fair to say that feet are nasty! I can't stand them, they always gross me out. But it's safe to say that there is nothing worse than un-loved feet. We are on our feet 247 and they need just as much TLC as the rest of your body does. If you are like me and you can't justify having a pedicure every fortnight, these two products might just be for you.

To start off, I love to use Margaret Dabbs Exfoliating Foot Mousse. Made by foot care genius Margaret Dabbs, this exfoliant helps keep you feet beautiful and healthy. This Mousse, isn't quite your average mousse.The texture feels like a mix between sand and salt, with a rich light cream that binds the granules together. With Pumice, Australian Emu Oil and Tea Tree Leaf, this Mousse helps to exfoliate away dry and damaged skin whilst hydrating at the same time. For me there is nothing worse than a scrub that dries your skin out and then you end up layering up moisturisers on top. 

The Mousse is soft to the touch but as you start to rub it deeper into the skin, the granules gently exfoliate. It is a rough scrub but as this is specifically made for you feet, it needs to be rough to take away the toughened skin that can be found on your heels especially. The feeling after using this product is incredible. Your feet feel silky smooth and almost glow. I think this scrub would be perfect for the Summer too, as I know endless days of wearing flip flops soon takes it's toll on your poor little feet. 

A perfect pairing with this scrub is Liz Earle Foot Repair Moisturiser c/o. A moisturiser specifically made for your feet, Liz Earle have created a beautifully rich cream that absorbs fast, softening dry skin and making your tootsies supple. With Liz Earle's fab list of naturally active ingredients such as Avocado Oil, Wheatgerm Oil, Peppermint and Rosemary, the scent of this cream is quite strong but is the kind of scent that is perfect for your feet. Nice and fresh! I sometimes like for an extra treat, pop on a pair of cotton socks after lapping on a thick layer of this cream and sleep with them on. When you wake up your feet feel brand new.

So ladies and gents, don't forget your feet! They need love as much as the rest of your body does and I hope that you will maybe have a go at a little at home pedicure! Till Sunday Love #8 folks...

Hugs & Kisses
Becki  xox



  1. The mousse sounds amazing! I'm terrible for neglecting my feet but I'm definitely going to start giving them some
    TLC in preparation for sandal weather, yaaaaay xx

    1. It certainly is lovely! Oh yes! I can't wait for summer! Becki xx


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