March 14, 2014


Gone are the days of living without a mobile phone or the Internet. We are all guilty of it. Checking your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feed every second, Whats App'ing your friends, always doing something, connecting you to someone in the world. Since starting this little blog, my own space within the big sea of thousands of fishes, I never thought I would become so hocked up on checking my twitter feed or be dying to get an iphone just so I can use Instagram. I think times have changed and I'm not going to lie ladies, we need to embrace it but also give yourself a break sometimes.

I never thought I'd be a twitter girl. The thought of chatting to strangers over the net has always been an odd one for me, never sure on what people might think of me or scared of hate tweets, who knows but sometimes the Internet can be a scary place and twitter has made it even easier for stuff like that to happen. A direct way of contacting you. However, how wrong was I. When I first joined back in 2013, I wasn't sure of my own voice. What would I possibly want to share with thousands of others and put my name to it "I'm eating a pizza", "Just popping to the shops to buy milk"... god knows what I tweeted in those first few months! Poor you is all I say having to hear it!  But once I started writing for LLP I suddenly found what an incredible community I had suddenly found myself to be part of. I have joined a bundle of incredible and very talented people from the blogger community that support and truly care for one another and love a good chat about the contents of Boots! I had found my niche.

It took me a while to build up relationships and friendships via twitter and I'm not even sure if you can call them that but that's what they feel like to me and I am so thankful to have spoken to so many wonderful people now. Finding your voice takes a while, if you are quite shy like me and well spend most of your time at home with the Vampire Diaries and a facemask on. I think the blogging community is such an amazing way to meet people, interact and share your passions. I can't explain how excited I get when I chat to someone who has read my blog and enjoyed a post or just wanted to voice their own opinion on a subject I wrote about. This starts the beginning of relationships, friendships and just spreads the love. It's no secret that I have been having a hard time at the moment and sometimes you just need support or someone to tell you things will look up. It is twitter that I usually turn to, to just have a friendly chat or have a moan hehe. 

Over the last few weeks, life has been hectic and keeping up with writing for LLP has been tough. Working full time and writing for a blog as a hobby is one TOUGH hobby. It takes me hours and hours to write a post and then trying to keep up to date with reading other peoples blogs, being inspired whilst tweeting away can be overwhelming sometimes. I think this is why, although I love twitter, everyone needs a break. Time for yourself, not to be worrying about what everyone else is doing or what you have missed out on. There are always a million things going on but just turn your phone off once in a while. As I am typing this I can hear my head going, but what if I miss..! That's the brain of a blogger I think.

Part of becoming a blogger is promoting your content and name out in the sea of thousands of just as talented ladies and gents, who too share the same interests as you and write about them. Never be afraid of just tweeting someone, start a conversation and make a difference to someones day, you might never know how much it means to them. Even if it is that your just eating pizza or popping to the shops! Followers who respond, chit chat away to me genuinely do make a difference to my day. There are alot of wonderful and kind bloggers out there who truly do care about each other and even though we can only chat a few words to each other throughout the day, it is so nice to have conversations with like minded people that love beauty and a good old natter or moan about life and I hope I can do the same for some of you too. Even though you may need a break now and again, those relationships you make will always be there.
Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox



  1. I love twitter, totally addicted and can happily spend many hours just reading through tweets. I have also made quite a few friends through twitter and some wonderful PRs too x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  2. Me too! I cant believe I have become so addicted though! I love chatting away to all the lovely beauty bloggers everyday xx


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