March 07, 2014


As a blogger, it is our duty to test, trial and share our own honest opinions of products so you - my lovely readers - don't have to. The problem with this sometimes is, just like any normal person testing away, you can have a bad reaction to a product or find that you completely fall in love with it. I have sadly come to the end of some of my skincare favourites this month ( Que a huge empties post coming your way) and so instead of writing a big old jumbled favourites, I thought I would share with you three products that I have introduced into my skincare regime and now adore.

First up, is a product I wrote about last week in my Winter Skin Loves. I know it's a tad boring for you guys if you are a regular reader of LLP for me to feature the same product but I couldn't not include this bottle of happiness. I get through quite a few body lotions, butters and moisturisers through the month, as I am sticking to my beauty new years resolution or moisturising everyday to give my skin the TLC it deserves. Korres Guava Body Butter c/o is amazing. Its a rich cream that smells like holidays and feels a real treat to use. I love using it after I shower, it literally melts away into my skin and leaves me with the softest skin. I must have a look if this body butter comes in a bigger size, as I have happened to get through it rather quickly! Sign that I love it more like  :)

Next up is a skincare hero. One of my very first reviews on LLP was actually this babes older sister, La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo. Almost a year to this date, when I wrote my first ever skincare post on LLP about Effaclar Duo, it now has a new and improved formula for us spot prone ladies that goes one step further.

I was instantly sold into the Effaclar range, when I saw a dramatic improvement to my skin, as soon as I started to use the original Effaclar Duo. Effaclar Duo is a treatment to unclog pores and help treat blemish prone skin and it become the must have for every blogger in the UK. Effaclar Duo is unlike any spot treatment I have used before. It isn't too strong, it doesn't burn or irritate my skin. It is very gentle and the texture of the cream is very light. The original formula worked a treat, on helping shift those awful under the skin spots, which I suffer from around my mouth and chin. My chin is scarred with so many marks from these "inflammatory" spots and to this day I am always self conscious of the marks that have been left behind. I feel like a teenager again when I go through a bad spell and it is these stubborn red marks that are buggers to get rid of. To my excitement the new and improved version of Effaclar duo, Effaclar Duo+ c/o actually helps to reduce and heal these marks with an even better formula.

This new formula now helps battle against under the skin spots at every stage (yippee)- stopping the inflammation, helping to take away the pigmentation that it leaves on the skin and most important to me assisting in preventing any mark being formed. The new active ingredient, soothes and heals spots in no time and I must say, the instant affects from this new formula are incredible.

I have used this treatment for a full 4 weeks and on occasions when my skin starts to have a bad spell, aka as I type and the results are impressive. Overnight, spots almost disappear and redness dramatically reduces. I would say when I have a under the skin spot, it takes at least 10 days for it to go down and then the red mark left by the spots stays for months. With this treatment the time is halved. As I was trialing this treatment, I noticed that it almost instantly helped to 'bring the spot out'. For me, the treatment seemed to bring out the spots as whiteheads, which are usually extremely rare on my skin. Although this may sound disgusting, a whitehead disappears quicker than an inflammation spot and is whole lot less painful! I would say the treatment it's no miracle cure for preventing spots, they always find a way of creeping back again but it does certainly assist in healing the skin and reducing the spot quicker than it would naturally. I think the treatment is well worth buying as it is affordable and should really be I every gals SOS kit! Over the last month, around my chin, although I am still getting inflammations spots under the skin, the scars and marks left behind from previous evil buggers have almost disappeared now and makes me feel a whole lot better about my skin.

Finally is a brand new addition to my skincare routine from a new brand for me, meet Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist c/o. Bought for me by Jess this Christmas, she knows I love anything rose scented, this balancing spray has quickly become my go to hydrating toner. The mist is light, delicate and gentle on my skin and oh the scent is just beautiful. I haven't noticed any huge difference in my skin per say but when I use this in the mornings and evenings, it gives my skin a refreshing boost that will wake up any tired eyes. It isn't sticky or doesn't leave much residue on your skin, as my skin seems to soak it up almost instantly as I have been suffering with dehydrated skin this winter. I think it is a lovely hydrating toner, that for anyone who loves rose scented goodies, it will be for you. I also just wanted to add how beautifully packaged this toner is. It comes in a weighty glass mister that makes a difference to the amount of crappy plastic bottles that are taking up space on my shelf and adds a touch of elegance. I will certainly be checking out more from Jurlique's rose range and might just have to indulge a few new bits this month.

That's all folks for February's favourites, I know it's such a short month and with my working hours this week, LLP has had to be dragged along for the ride, fitting in any spare moments of blogging. I hope you have a lovely weekend all. Feel sorry for me working away hehe.

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox



  1. I've heard good things about this Jurlique mist!! One for the 'to investigate' list, for sure... T xx

    1. Go for it! It is pricey but i think its a lovely addition to my beauty shelf xx

  2. I absolutely love the Korres body milks, I think I need to try the body butters next!

    Catherine, xo // Lady Liquor Vintage

    1. Oh goodness they have body milks! That sounds heavenly! xx

  3. The Korres body butter sounds so nice! I really want to try some of thei body products and I might just start with this, anything that smells like holiday, I'm down for! haha xx

    1. I cant believe how much I love Korres body butter! I have a small sample of their face cream that I cant wait to try :) Becki xx

  4. I love love love Korres products, it started with a lip butter and now I love everything x


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