March 05, 2014


The problems of living in a rented property are never ending. First things start breaking, then the arguments start on who's not cleaning up after themselves and then if things hadn't already got bad, you realise all the grim things about living with your mates that suddenly are hitting you in the face. Let me just enlighten you. I am talking about the case of the 'ginger pubes'. Yes I never thought I would be sharing this online but ladies, this is not OK! By the way it's nothing against gingers at all before I start getting hate emails!

Lucky for me, I have an en suite with a shower and downstairs we have a shared bathroom, with my one and only true vice, a bath in it. Honestly I know I am so lucky to have my own shower but there is nothing more relaxing than catching up with your favourite show in a warm bubbly bath. If you can put two and two together aka Ginger pubes, I haven't had a bath since we moved in! How you go about an awkward conversation starting with 'can you please wash your pubes out of the bath', you know it's never going to end pretty. So saves that horrifically embarrassing convo, I have had to become a shower gal.

In my shower, I am all about a quick and easy wash, my nightmare Rapunzel hair getting clean and getting my body to feel alive again! These four products have been my knights in shiny armour for the last few months. Although they may seem a daily basic need, I thought they deserve some love and a mini review.

First up is the most recent body buff in my beauty stash from Cheeky Bright as a Button Dry body buff c/o. I wrote about it HERE, a few weeks ago. It is a harsh, sea-salt scrub that buff's away any rough patches of skin and gets my skin feeling smoothed and supple. As this is a dry scrub, I like to use it just before turning on the water in my shower to make sure I really use the product to it's full potential.

I get through so many body washes every month but one that has really lasted me is this beast of a bottle from Soap and Glory and it's their Sugar Crush Body wash. A bloggers favourite, this wash is gentle, light and foamy, and smells just like the one and only Sugar Crush Body Scrub! I have a review of this product HERE but it is an oldy so you were warned! Zesty and sweet, this almost sickly body wash has lasted me so long, as it is 500ml, which is huge in comparison to most body washes. With the handy pump top, this is perfect for a shower and stops you from wasting any product down the plug!

A duo that I have almost finished now but has lasted me a good 3 months is Paul Mitchell's Extra-Body Daily Shampoo and Extra-Body Daily Rinse c/o. This set is a great duo for keeping long hair in shape, as not only do these two work in getting your hair full bodied they also help to aid the dreaded evil knots. De-tangling is always a nightmare with my hair, being a mess every single day that i need as much help as I can get. With Chamomile, rosemary and aloe vera, the shampoo is slightly fragrant and gives your hair a great healthy shine. I find the rinse is a great substitute for a heavy conditioner, which for me are always the worst culprits for weighing down your hair at the roots if it is long. These two are well worth investing in, if you do have rather lifeless hair or thin hair like mine, you will be able to achieve salon quality hair at home. 

I hope I didn't offend anyone with my rather ranty introduction for this post! I must admit I am completely exhausted from work at the moment and oh those pubes are destroying my only hope of relaxing and healing my achy body! Fingers crossed, I will have my February favourites for you ready on Friday morning folks but if not I will try and get it up this weekend! Please do bare with me as I am juggling a thousand things. Keeping up so far hehe! 

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox



  1. LOL Becki you made me laugh! :) No one wants pubes situation like EVER so I can only sympathise with your pain. I loved reading the post because I also have What's in my Shower planned in the next few days - I need to dig out this S&G body wash I remember it smells divine! X

  2. Haha! I have my own en suit shower too, my housemates share a bathroom that has a bath but luckily I'm not really a bath person so I never use their bathroom. To be honest though, I've lived with them for that long I'd just wash them out and then say something. We're in the 'comfortable' zone were we are really, often disgustingly, open about stuff!

    Corinne x

  3. funny post :D but I think you should mention it and improve the situation! x

  4. Ha, I told you what I would have done ;) x

    1. hehe indeedy! Its all sorted now! I think my post actually worked lol! xx

  5. I would have to have "ginger pubes' in my bath that just sounds so icky! I share the bathroom with my husband and I yell at him when he leaves hair in the sink when he shaves I couldn't imagine any of that.


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