March 17, 2014


Morning lovely people. Today's post is rather late to the band waggon but I wanted to share this product with you. I was so lucky to be sent the entire Lush Valentine's offerings and honestly I was completely overwhelmed, as my anxiety stops me pretty much everyday from leaving my house or the comfort of my work and I always tend to miss out what is going on in store. I am not quite the romantic that I may have once been, my valentines this year consisted of chocolate, a cheesy card from John and bed (not THAT kinda bed, the bed where you hit your pillow and your off into the land of nod!) Keeping my Lush goodies to myself so John couldn't nab them away from me, I decided to share this one with you even though I don't think you'll be able to get your hands on it but I really enjoyed using it so here we go..

This beautiful love filled bar of goodness is Lush's sweetly scented Valentines Massage bar called Close to you c/o. At £5.50, this product is certainly a little treat to yourself to indulge in after a long tiring day. I adore warming the bar in my hands and massaging it all over my body. This one in fact was inspired by the Jammy dodger, as it has a fondant like creamy centre that literally just melts in you hands.

The scent is very sweet and does linger on your body and especially my PJ's for days after and my room in fact that was a rather lovely extra treat. Made with silky smooth softening butters, this massage scent is sweet as bubblegum and candy. The key note within the bar is in fact vanilla, which is slightly over powered by it's rich candy scent. It does in fact remind me of a those marshmallow pink, pick 'n' mix shrimps that I used to eat as a child (aka demolish them). Probably terrible for my teeth I know. This massage bar lasted me a good few days but once you get to the softer centre the middle almost disappears. As this centre is rather soft it does leave your skin a tad greasy, which is why if you have that special someone, this would be a great massage bar for two :) Hot and steamy and all that jazz...

Have a lovely Monday morning folks and I'll be back on Wednesday, as I am trying to stick to the blog routine now work has calmed down finally!
Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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