March 12, 2014


Morning Folks, I wanted to firstly say sorry for the silence. You may know that I am having a rather stressful time, with work (aka the family mad house) being full steam ahead everyday at the moment so any waking hour I get off, I just wanted to sleep. A consequence of this is that LLP has had to take a back seat. Sorry for slaking on Monday's post, I am trying my best to keep up to date from now on but you know how it is sometimes! So to today's post...If you are fan of messy bed hair, look no further as I have the product for you! As Spring is only a few days away now, I can't wait to see pastel nails, cute dresses and beautiful make up but what do we do with the hair? I have decided now to keep my long locks with one condition, to do more with it! No more lazy knotty bad hair days and more textured luscious Rapunzel hair is in order.

Well on the note of  Rapunzel hair, isn't my hair crazy long! One of my must have hair products is sea salt sprays. I have got quite a collection now- whoops! Instead of writing one big comparison review I thought over the Spring and Summer, I would write about as many as I can in full reviews and my Sunday Love posts, to share with you lots of different types of sprays. For the last few weeks and first on my sea salt agenda, is Label M Sea Salt Spray c/o. I was lucky enough to get this 50ml sample of this spray at the London Fashion Weekender a few years ago and I only just found it back at my family home, so of course I had to have a play with it once I got it back home.

This spray is has a real mist- like quality to it. It has a normal press pump at the top of the bottle, which sprays wider than I thought it would from such a tiny bottle. This salt spray is one of the lightest I have used. It doesn't soak your hair or leave it instantly crispy, it mists evenly and lightly onto the hair. The real effect takes a few minutes to get going, once you give your hair a bit of a scrunch to create the waves, the volume begins.

As this spray is so light-weight, I found it gave my hair bouncy waves that stay in place all day. One important factor of using products in my hair is that they aren't drying. I have used quite a few salt sprays that crisp up your ends and leave them feeling ready to be cut off, which this one doesn't do at all. When applying the spray, I use at least 5 or 6 pumps on my ends, underneath my hair on the roots and some at the crown of my head to give full volume. The overall affect of the spray is a loose natural beachy wave that looks healthy or as my mum called it 'bed beachy locks'! I love the look that this spray gives my hair and I love the fact that my hair is left with a subtle hairdresser scent, created all at home without having to go anywhere. I would certainly recommend this sea salt spray and when I finish this handy 50ml travel size bottle, I would buy it again.

What are your thoughts on beachy waves for Spring? Do you have a favourite Sea Salt Spray? 

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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