March 16, 2014


Afternoon Folks, sorry its a late one today, I have literally just got in from work- yes feel sorry for me. Once again I can't believe Sunday has come back around again so quickly. I don't have too much to share this week apart from the fact I am feeling so much better in myself. Whether its the beautiful London sunshine or just the people around me keeping me in high spirits, I can tell you that I am feeling much more myself.

One thing that I am trying to pay more attention to, after a few dark weeks, is pushing myself everyday to do something that gets me out of the house. It might just be a walk around the park or going to buy lunch, theses simple things all heighten my anxiety but I am hoping that by pushing myself I'll be able to do more things. Yesterday in fact I pushed myself to go into my local shopping centre and buy all the bits for an international blog swap I am doing. For me, this recently has been a huge no go but yesterday I just bit the bullet and did it. To be honest, it ended in me walking out with three huge bags from Superdrug, Boots and Tiger hehe! Typical life of a beauty blogger! Just as I am finishing this blog post I am getting ready to pop out to Wimbledon by myself, wish me luck folks!

# bloglove

This weeks blog love has to go to my new blogging buddy from across the seas, please go check out her blog and give this beautiful lady a follow. Meet Ziva from Nothin Fancy Really. This lovely lady, is a new read for me and whilst I was sussing out her taste in beauty products for our beauty box swap in a few weeks time, I couldn't help but fall in love with her writing, style and photography. We both in fact rock a long ombre do, so I love her even more for this! 


I think by now it is far to say, I may have a slight obsession with Estee from Essie Button. This week, I had one afternoon off to lazy around in bed and try to rest my injured neck. One thing that I found myself doing is pondering over my new phone and watching Youtube. Ladies and Gents, I have to admit something...I watched all four of Estee and Aslan's Rome Vlogs from start to finish...yes that's over an hours worth of holiday goodness. I love these two and as a couple I think they are so entertaining and watchable that I just want them two in my life and if I have to settle for Youtube watching, it will just have to suffice. Their Rome Vlog just made me want to jump on a plane and go to Italy again. It is my life long dream to live in Italy, big dreams coming from a girl who can only go to a shopping centre for an hour in case of an anxiety attack but we can aim big right :) I think this Sunday if you can do one thing is watch these Vlogs, then of course grab a pizza and eat some ice cream. I love you Estee and I am not afraid to say it, thank you for hours of entertainment! (in a non-creepy fan girl way of course)


As my hair is getting longer and longer, my Rapunzel locks get knotty. I am not just talking about a little knot here and there, I talking about a full on mass of matted hair. It honestly is a nightmare and I am getting very close to just going and getting the whole lot chopped off! My beauty love this week has got to go to a new discovery that has made matted hair just that bit more manageable and that is The Wet Brush. Made with Intelliflex bristles, this brush gets it way through knots in no time as the bristles move through the hair without any tugging. I have to admit, I am almost converted to this brush over the Tangle Teezer, as it you can actually hold the brush in your hand a glide through the hair, rather than throwing your Tangle Teezer all over the shop like i do when it slips out of my hands during brushing! I think if you have long hair like mine and you are forever brushing away, this brush would be a great investment.


So long Blackberry is the exciting news for me this week and maybe the small section of the week where I helped make and deliver a human sized butterfly! It's been a crazy one as I mentioned alot this week but honestly getting my new phone has literally changed my life. I think I will never complain of being bored again but instead maybe develop square eyes instead. I cant really believe it has taken m till now to join everyone on the IPhone band waggon but I am pretty sure I will never go back. I hope you have a lovely weekend folks!
Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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