March 30, 2014


To all the Mother's out there Happy Mother's Day you beautiful and wonderful inspiring women. Today's Sunday Love is a little different, as I wanted to share with you a bit of a personal one about my own Mooma. Yes I call her Mooma, like the Moomins. First let's all just appreciate the cuteness that is the picture above. This is little me at 2 years old, sucking my thumb as usual, with my mum after she had just given birth to my sister Jessica. Jess is of course screaming away but I adore this picture, as I think my Mooma looks serene, content and beautiful, bare in mind my Mooma almost died after having Jess due to complications. I am so lucky to still have her in my life and my heart truly goes out to anyone who has lost their Mum, as this day will forever be tough and I send the biggest hug to you. I have experienced great loss but losing my Mum would just be unbearable.

My life and childhood was never easy. My Mooma, has always been a rock. In my younger years, she went through hell and back with my family but through the tough times, Jess and I have always come first and in turn we have been her rock now we are older. I think sometimes it is so easy to forget how much your Mum does for you when you are young. Pick you up from school, make your pack lunch, wash your hair, make sure you do your homework let alone changing your nappy as a baby whilst your screaming at every waking hour. For all those mums out there I think you all deserve a medal. I have seen a twitter hashtag going around #TeamUpAllNight for new born mums and I think it is incredible that even a set of strangers over twitter can all be their supporting each other. Mums need to stick together.

For me, I think I am so lucky to be close to my Mooma. I am lucky to see her pretty much everyday, as we work together and although that may not work for many, I love it. Now I have moved out, well if you call moving down the street 'moving', I have to admit, I do miss sitting in front of the TV watching Eastenders and Corrie with my Mum. Now I just have to make the extra special effort to do things outside of work with her. 

My Mum is no ordinary Mum, she is a hero. My Mum has had the worst few years losing a sister, brother, a very close brother-in-law, friends, her Mum and My Grandma, who was like a mother to her. Writing out that all actually puts it into perspective how tough the last few years have been for us but for my Mum, I don't know how she has made it through. She has her own way of dealing with the loss and one of the ways is by giving back. My hero of a mother, goes abroad and treks, cycles and walks her way through some of the toughest climates all for Charities that are close to out hearts- Cancer Research and Breast Cancer Care. By treks, I'm not talking about climbing Box Hill, my Mum has climbed to Base Camp Everest, The great Wall of China, cycled from Vietnam and Cambodia to name but a few. The biggest trek of all, has to be from last year where my Mum raised over £6,000, as she took on the challenge of her life and climbed to the top of Kilimanjaro. Well I did say she's an inspiration and a hero. I think my Mum is just incredible and a Mum to be proud of even through thick and thin.

Today, I just want to tell her, even if she never reads this as she can barely work an Ipad but Mooma, I love you and I am so proud to see you everyday and give you a hug. You are my world and I wouldn't be here (literally) without you.

To all the Mums out there, I salute you! 

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox



  1. Your mum sounds like an inspiration and she's obviously had a tough few years, I can tell you're very proud of her. What a beautiful post.

    Love Beth | BethBlogsBeauty

  2. Such a lovely post. Your mama looks beautiful and you know I ADORE little Becki, love the hair do. So much love xxx (your secret admirer…)


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